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Daniela Bustamante Daniela Bustamante
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I thought maybe for Mother's Day that I would get all this inspiration and write like crazy but I wrote something small that I posted with a collage on FB so here it is.

It only gets harder as the years go by...

As I grow older, I realize how much more I need you. Even if you're not here with me physically, I know you're by my side spiritually. I can count on you in whatever, for you are the mother that God Blessed me with.

Nine years have gone by that I don't have my mother by my side to celebrate this day with. I swear to this day I still can't believe she's gone.

But on this Mother's Day, I thank God for the most loving woman he gave me as a mother. She's still impacting my life.

"But I stay strong and I hold on 'cause I know I'll see you again."

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