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Morte Sangriz Morte Sangriz
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The Contract

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soul mates

You, the only survivor of a terrible accident know that I have saved your life and brought an end to all your worthless strife.

Fear not for your life is a debt but be assured that one day I will collect.

The greed will increase and leave you broke but don’t blame me, you’re the one who spoke.

Waiting for the fruits to grow from the seed of a deed planted long ago; but little did you know that the roots of that seed had never grown.

Now you are on your knees and you hope and pray for another way to end this day; it’s too late though the deal is made and the contract will follow you till the end of your days.

You will fight me, I am sure, and use powers I gave you to try and save your soul; forgetting that I’m always in control.
But no matter for in the end I will always win and will take pleasure as you burn for your sin.

No matter how many times you use deceit I can never be cheat; I created this game I cannot be beat.

You made this contract from inside the grave; now your time is up and it’s your soul that I crave.

When I come; your doors will open and you will suffer from the plague that I bring; your screams will be that of a heavenly choir every time they sing.

It’s your fault;
You wanted to live.

And you cared not for the great sacrifice that you had to give; nor the little time that I would give you left to live.

I’ve stopped your clock and also your heart; and once you are dead we will never part.

Feel me as your body goes cold and as you breathe for the last time it is you I will hold.

I will take your soul that no one will miss and drag you deep down to a place that is darker than my deadly dark kiss.

It is the ending that I foresaw and look at you now as you try to hide from the Devil’s maw.

No one will miss you I am sure and unlike the beginning there is no way you will ever get out of this burning hole; that’s what you get for selling your soul.

Sweet Dreams and Goodnight;
This is the end of you… Never forget me, the one who extinguished your light.

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