Warren Gates Warren Gates
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so hopeless. Great words, Aaron! Dark, depressing, nothing. Love it

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Aaron Greene Aaron Greene
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Dead of Night

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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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This needs fine tuning before it would become a song, i just wanted it out for now.  The music would be a mellow metal ballad, kind of like Lordi's Children of the Night.

Awoke by a scream
My mind in torment
Night terror's lover
Looking around
Your nowhere near
Lost to misery
A memory of pain

The dead of night
Brings more pain
Suffering by the minute
Luna laughing at the folly
Of what used to be

A razor's edge brings no solace
To life's horror
The sun's warmth
Chilling me ever more
A soulless existence
Roaming oblivion

The dead of night
I soundlessly scream
Voice torn away
From endless calling
For a love that will never return

Searching no longer
Living no longer
Dying no longer
Just a shadow in...
The dead of night 1 comment

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