Amanda Krumme Amanda Krumme
Recommendations: 18

Rainbow of the soul- I like that.

Amanda Krumme Amanda Krumme
Recommendations: 18

"In his arms was the safest place in the whole wild world!" It truly is amazing to feel that way about another human being. I used to tell my fiance that as long as he was holding me, I felt like nothing could hurt me.

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Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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A Love Scene

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

With very little time between life, kids, and running a business, I have to apologize for my absence - namely for my inactivity on SS. I am finding it difficult to find the time to do any reading lately,, and for that I apologize. So I just thought I would RE-POST something old, since its one of my favourites. Enjoy!

      Like a shadow – silent and deliberate, he crept up behind her, unable to keep himself from reaching out, his fingers stopping suddenly, simply cherishing this moment in time – placing the image deep down in those deepest vaults within his heart; that little place beneath the rainbow of the soul where bumblebees play with butterflies, holding hands, laughing, dancing and singing! Deeply moved – spellbound, lifted and taken up by soothing whispers up in his brain, this was one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ moments he had always wished for; like all those good dreams that steals one away to bliss and wonder; so delightful, so tender and utterly stirring. 1 comment

     Like a dream – a Boris Vallejo painting come to life – the very way her hair stirred in the breeze, the messy way the sheet hung down, trailing her steps, revealing the small of her back, the length of her spine, the bronze of her skin: so colourful, soft and magical. From two-feet away he could smell her, her very air causing his blood to jet through, and like that he could resist no longer, every moment out of his grasp...unbearable. Leaning in, wrapping himself around her he could not help but to run his mouth down the gentle slopes of her shoulders and back up again, finding that special place at the nape of her neck, that spot that yearns tender tickles from loving lips.

     He could not believe how the world blessed him, the magical way it introduced her to him, the way Fate itself seemed to say, “Max meet Marney,” so out of the blue; two strangers from opposite sides of the world coming together to play sweet music. And right there in the moonlight he cherished those innocent details: the warm summer breeze, the city lights stretching off in the distance lighting the night, her very shadow at his feet seeming to climb right up into his soul; a moment that meant more to him than all the riches of the world. Like a missing puzzle-piece making the picture whole, the silence was bursting with flavour, with beating hearts and wild wings taking flight deep inside them. 1 comment

     Without a word she took his hands in hers, slipping them over the railing, loving the strength of his fingers wrapping about hers good and snug, as if to say, “I’ll never let you go baby. Not ever.” And deep in his eyes she was lost on a sea of bliss and charm with clear sailing all the way home to Heaven to sing with the angels. And here and now...this...was home. In another life she would spread great white wings, flap them hard and lift off, taking him up to the clouds to sit and roll, tumble and play.

     In his arms was the safest place in the whole wild world! The feel of his skin against hers was the brightest cosiest blanket wrapping her soul up like sweet autumn leaves, so tender and shiny and brilliant! She loved the feel of him pressing, like a statue of the Archangel Michael come to life, here to deliver her from evil, giving her life where once was only emptiness; healing all wounds, caressing her soul, lifting her back up to walk the earth in the light, in full colour, alive with those little distractions she loved so dearly: his musky fragrance, his poking stubble making her itch and his hands beginning to touch, beginning to stir her blood to a frenzy, washing through like a stormy sea, filling her deep down with a special light, giving her lift. 1 comment

     After a long moment lost in her eyes – those bright windows that made him shine with but the slightest glance, he brought her face into his, his tongue swirling gently, loving the taste of her mouth, his hands suddenly come to life, roaming passionately, his fingers finding her sweet momentum, her beauty and her grace. And no one told him what a moment under the good graces of God was like; when cherubs plant their little kisses on one’s soul giving them great big magical balloons, making them float. With every sweet spot tickled beneath his fingers he felt her body respond to his, her rushing heart screaming his name silently, whispering sweet nectar, finding him taut and ready to become one with her.

     The heat they made was the breath of all good things, sweet and tantalizing, branding itself to memory, never to lose tonight no matter how far Fate went in its ways, no matter how dark the seasons, no matter how terrifying the bad dreams of the world could ever get. Oh how she wanted him. Oh how he needed her. And like a sweet symphony of the stars their hearts beat as one, their hands roaming, playing, finding each other growing, pulsing through with astounding fervour, taken up in rays of sunshine lighting up the dead of night. And like that they found their places in the world!

     And like a magical rift in time – like the universe swallowing them whole, the moment was one of utter perfection, like the hand of God Himself came down and made art, sculpting blood and flesh, meshing them together right there in the night in sweet lullaby's of the heart. With her lips tasting of raspberry, he sat her on the edge of the railing ten floors above the sleeping city, opening her up, finding his home deep within her. And never had her lips found their place until now, until the world itself became their muse, taking the light of the ages into her soul; his magic flute inspiring the sweetest music to ever escape her in sweet cries.

     With heavy breaths and sweet little moans, flesh and bones taken up and away from the cold clutches of the world, they swam in each other’s soul, and like honey bees diving in and out of the sweetest tulips they stood on the edge of time, loving the feel of each other’s warmth, each other’s racing flesh; thrumming, pounding, hands gripping, fingers clutching, arms wrapped tight, never wanting to be freed from such bliss. Like God’s lost children up in their hearts coming home once and for all, great storms let loose from deep within them, rushing forth like silver tears, meshing in sweet breathy communion. And like the ancient magic of the ages true love was but the sweetest gift to ever stoke their fires. And nowhere under the good graces of Heaven, and nowhere higher than the darkest pits of Hell was there ever such a love scene.

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