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Amanda Krumme Amanda Krumme
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That Day

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She had a friend.

Documenting a fond memory

I remember that day we met.

It was back in the summer of '09. My last relationship had ended a few months before, leaving me a heartbroken and lost teenage girl. I had been hanging out with Justin quite a bit. He was worried about me and insisted I got out to try and have fun. An attempt at bringing me back to my old self I suppose.

On that day we gathered at the pool, which was an odd place considering neither of us know how to swim. He was waiting for me at one of the many worn out picnic tables when I stepped out of the cool refreshing air of my mother's jeep and into the hot and humid air of late June. It almost made me smile to see him wearing a new pinstriped fedora.

Well I was in the water for maybe five minutes before I decided I didn't want to be there anymore. Too many smiling faces. Too much laughter. People so carefree. My heart and mind were both a wreck and their joy made it so much worse.

I must have worn some pained expression, because Justin said, "Let's take a walk." I considered asking where we could possibly go in this small town, but realized it didn't matter. Anywhere else would do.

I put my shorts on over my bikini bottoms, but left my shirt in the bag. It would stick to me in the heat. Then I stole that pinstriped fedora and placed it on my head. Since there aren't really sidewalks here, we hugged the curb as we traveled, moving into the grass for safety every once in a while.

At one point I heard a loud honk, and a vehicle stopped near us. The guy in the driver's seat motioned Justin over. I stood there awkwardly waiting for him to come back.

"Who was that?" I asked when he returned, and he just shrugged.
"What did they want?"
"To know if you're my girlfriend," he answered,"and then after I said no he wanted your number. I didn't give it to him though." Boy was I appalled. The thought of some stranger honking at me in my bikini top, and having the nerve to ask for my number. How humiliating. Like I was some whore on the side of the road.

We kept walking and said nothing else about it. Our final destination ended up being Hardys. Together Justin and I had enough change to get us both a drink. I was grateful, because I would need that ice cold diet coke for the walk back to the pool. That was where Mom expected me to be.

We start heading back, and not long after another car horn sounds. I got angry, then. What made people so indecent? I somehow spotted the culprit and started to head towards it. A tan Toyota Camry in a parking lot not far. Justin grabbed my arm.

"Wait, I know him," he said and I calm down just a little. We walked over, and there you sat. I was immediately captivated by your big brown eyes. I stood back, though, and let the two of you talk. Eventually, I was introduced, and shyly said hello.

When it came time for you to leave Justin said goodbye, and I leaned through the rolled down car window.. to hug you. So unlike me! I don't hug strangers. Even ones I find attractive. Hell, I barely hug the people I know. Something in me told me to do it, though, and I'm glad that I did.

That was the begining of what we have now. The begining of our friendship that blossomed into a beautiful "something more." And I'll never forget it.

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