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Amanda Krumme Amanda Krumme
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Imaginary: Prologue

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She had a friend.

13 years before Imaginary..

Summer 2000

I swing myself on the swingset Daddy built me with his own two hands. It was such a great gift. With swings and monkey bars, a slide and a little house where I can hide away. Daddy works in Mexico. In Juarez. He won't take me there, and he's only home long enough to eat and sleep on the week days. Sometimes he even brings a second cellphone home on weekends, and they can call him into work then, too. I miss him. 1 comment

The dry El Paso heat beats down on my fair skin, and I forgot to put on sunscreen. I'm not bothered though. I swing really high! With my eyes closed I pretend like I am flying. When I come to a stop and open my eyes, a little blonde haired boy sits on the swing beside me. I didn't know we had new neighbors! And with a kid about my age, too!

"Hello," I say to him happily, a big goofy grin plastered on my face. He smiles back and waves quickly.

"Hello," he answers back. "I'm Jonas."

"I'm  Layla, and I'm six! I'll be starting the first grade soon," I tell him proudly, 'What about you?"

"I'm eight," he replies sounding down.

"Hey cheer up!" I tell him. "I bet we go to the same school anyways! Did you meet my mommy? Or my big brother?"

"No. I kinda let myself back here." He laughs and I do too. I stand from my swing and try to grab Jonas's hand to drag him through the back door and into the house. He pulls his hand away before I can reach it, stands on his own, and follows me.Bubby sits on the livingroom floor playing his video games. I tap him on the shoulder.

"What Layla?!" He snaps. He's been grumpy lately. Mommy says it's because he's going through something called poo-berty. That explains why he's such a butt.

"This is our new neighbor, Jonas! " Bubby looks at me for just a moment, then scowls.

"I don't have time for your kid games Layla." He says and then he's back to his own game.

"Don't worry," I tell Jonas as I lead him to the kitchen, "He's like that to everyone now."

Mommy is doing the dishes, and I tug on her shirt."Mommy this is Jonas! He's our new neighbor." Mommy says hello, but looks in the wrong direction.

"Why don't you and your little friend go play in your room?" She suggests. And we do. We play for hours! Checkers and tic tac toe and all sorts of fun games! Its getting kind of late. "When do you have to go home?" I ask.

"I don't," he answers, "I get to stay here with you." And I have never ever been so happy.

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