Shaunna Harper Shaunna Harper
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HSDOSDHGSLDKNSDLSHD I absolutely love this stanza. Have no idea what to even say. Epic.

Julian Osterman Julian Osterman
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Amanda told me this is one of her favourite things that she has ever read from me. And that is saying quite a lot.

Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
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not being sure of (her)self?

Julian Osterman Julian Osterman
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This is a reference to Brandon Teena, a man (born as a woman) who was raped and murdered by straight men. Brandon's life is detailed in the movie Boys Don't Cry.

Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
Recommendations: 31

Oh! It didnt occur to me it's a reference.

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Julian Osterman Julian Osterman
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I Dare You To Call Me Out On This

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soul mates

This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

We need a "political" tag on here.

I drink myself to dress.
I’m a mess.
I’m a self-cleaning wreck.
A suicidal victory lap.
Post traumatic stress relief
In these bones you carve out of the stone in my chest.
A suit and tie and martini glass.
God isn’t real.
But neither is death.

I dare you to call me out on this.
Justification for the continuing existence
Of the land of the whites and their slaves.
Pacification of rage.
Transphobic class warfare in the drug war daze.
Let this hate build a smoky haze.
To secretly let your SWAT team swarm
And swap a safe passage for indefinite sentences.
No end in sight for the end of pretenseses.
Correct my grammar all you want.
Imma correct your fucking misogyny
And patriotic duty for the patriarchy.
Singing in the deep south about nationality
When you’re in the wrong goddamn country to begin with.
Give it back, white boy.
And stop fucking your sister. 2 comments

I dare you to call me out on this.
I’m going to display hate.
I’m going to display fear.
I’m going to display pain.
I’m going to display anger.
I’m going to display all the rage
All the love lost and feelings hurt
And bones broken and lives taken.
For every little girl that wanted to be a boy
And got raped for not being sure of himself.
For every black kid getting their nose broken in gym class.
For every street walker stabbed
Every faggot committing suicide
Every godless heathen getting their nothing taken away from them.
The poor and the broken and the destitute
Are the ones most likely to be victims
Of your excessive wealth
In the shape of a mushroom cloud. 3 comments

It’s for us I raise my voice.
And scream until I shatter your tinted windows
“Fuck you. Fuck everything you stand for.”
From the moment you raped and infected
Your control across this land
You have not proven yourself to be masters.
But backwards thinking white trash inbreds from the Klan.
From sea to filthy polluted sea.
Oh, you didn’t think we noticed?
Only white people would be throwing shit out -
Shit they didn’t need or even want to begin with –
Into the only place we thought we could escape.
The bottom of the ocean
Is littered with the skeletons
Of the Great White Rape.

I dare you to call me out on this.
I’ll tear up these bedsheets
Stained with passion and love
You tell me is wrong because she is the wrong colour
Or we aren’t married yet
Or sometimes the sex gets a little bit gay
When we invite one of her cool guy friends.
I’ll make a flag of rainbows
Dirty and torn and depressed.
And I’ll be on Face The Nation.
The Nation.
Who you fear.
And we
Of your bullshit.

I dare you to call me out on this.
As I erect a piggy bank in the shape of your face
And smash it open with a stolen guitar
Marked with bumper stickers condemning capitalism.
And we’ll take those pennies that spill
And use them to feed the homeless and starving
All across the world.
And we’ll raid your mints and presses
And cut out “In God We Trust”
And write words that really matter.
“You Don’t Need This.”
“You Are Above This.”
“Money Doesn’t Buy Back Life.”
I don’t need the white God
Telling me I can’t cash in on His gimmick.
Telling me I can’t afford his exclusive club.

I dare you to call me out on this.
Even as I become a caricature of what I hate.
A cartoon striking with venom
And vile
At every corporate establishment.
Standing in line for my daily handout
Knowing that the irony is
I missed the point somewhere along the way.
But this isn’t a hand out
This isn’t even about what you owe us.
This is about giving back what you stole.

I dare you to call me out on this.
I’ll flip every fucking table in your temple.

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