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Desi Mosier Desi Mosier
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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.


      I breathed in and out trying to slow my racing heart. I pulled my lips from her neck and looked at her. She was beautiful and the magic left on the air sent tingles up my spine. She lay under me staring into my eyes. The sweat on her body glistened in the moon light. Her perfect plump breasts fit so perfectly under my hands. Her reaction earlier was just how i imagined, how i dreamed it would be. Every erotic passion filled moment. Every moan that esscaped from her very soul. It was complete and utter paradise.

       I had yearned for her body for so long, her sweet lips against mine and our soft skin gently rubbing together. I longed to see her face filled with pleasure and the hunger that comes with it. For her to fantasize about my fingers inside of her, to lust for my tounge probing every tender hotspot on her body. For her to feel the insatiable hunger to have her pleasure, and I wanted to be the one to please her every night.

       However when I looked into her eyes I hadn't expected to see what i had, fear, i saw fear. After everything she felt tonight the only emotion desplayed in her eyes was fear. She moved her hand to her neck then in front of her face. I glanced at her hand, red. I turned her head trying to confirm my suspicions. Two puncture marks oozed crimson blood.

       I had done it, I bit her. She began to quietly sob. I pulled her to me and she huddled close laying her head on my breasts. Warm tears rolled down my chest and onto her own. I was foolish, I was foolish to believe that i could suppress my teeth. That I could resist bitting her. Now the only reasonable choice was to kill her.

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