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Desi Mosier Desi Mosier
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Betrayed: Chapter 1

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

      "Jezebell, are you ready?"

       "I told you it's just bell this year!"

       "Fine, fine, but do i really have to call you that at home too?"

       "Rose, i love you, but sometimes I wish Tyler hadn't convinced you to turn me."

       "Jezebell, you should know by now that doesnt effect me anymore, because sometimes i wish it myself."

       "It's Bell! Rose, please use the names I picked out. Please thats all I ask."

       "Why? Whats wrong with Jezebell and Ellenarose?"

       "It's the same as the ones we had in Alabama and Utah. if we use them here too it will be suspicious. Colorado is our big chance. Maybe for once we can make it through highschool without having to move."

       "Does this mean alot to you?"

       "Yes, it does rose. Just please play along, I mean whats three years to us?"

       "Alright. I'll do it, but only because you want me to and i love you. So if it makes you happy then I guess I can answer to Rose and call you Bell."

       "Thank you Ellenarose." She smiled and pulled me in close and kissed me. She let go and i poured myself a cup of coffee.

       "Damn that means i'll have to get used to you moaning rose instead of Ellenarose." I smiled at her. Jezebell let out one of her cute innocent laughs that made me fall for her over and over again everytime I heard it. I had forgotten what her laughter sounded like. The past few months were hard and didnt have alot of moments where laughter was called for.

       It had been two years since i had changed her back in Alabama. She was afraid at first but after the first few months she had accepted her fate as the undead monster she was. As more time passed and we went back to school she started to fall in love with me again. We didn't care what other people thought. We'd been bestfriends for the longest time so it wasn't like they hadn't thought that before.

       However the deal breaker happened on a cool summer night. The moon was low and a soft warm breeze blew through my hair, as we walked through the park. We sensed him before we saw him, but a jock named Kale walked around the bend. "So it's true, huh?"

       I stepped forward in front of Jezebell because i didnt like the way he was looking at her. "What are you talking about Kale?"

       He smiled and began walking twords us. "That you two are just a pair of dike freaks!" I glared at him as he got closer and closer. I could feel Jezebell  shaking. "I dont like dikes, but Jezebell is mighty pretty, and i think I could get her back on the right track."

       I lunged forward, but he slapped me, and I fell to the ground. I had underestimated him. My mistake, and if I hadn't made it the boy might be alive, and we might have finnished school there. However as soon as I hit the ground Jezebell pounced on him and sunk her teeth into his neck and ripped, no shredded his neck. A vampire bite is usually a pleasurable experience, but his was excrutiating. He didnt make a sound or utter a word, but the look on his face spoke louder than any words. He was in more pain than any mortal could have dreamed of, and he felt it the whole three minutes it took for him to die. However I'm sure it felt more like an eternity to him.

       As you can imagine we had to move for saftey sake. No one had suspected us but i didnt want to give them the chance to. Tyler, my brother stayed behind and covered our tracks while Jezebell and I moved to Utah.

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