Harry Wells Harry Wells
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'waits' is better than 'awaits'. Await is a transitive verb and requires an object. You await something. The verb 'wait' is intransitive- you don't wait anything- you just wait. I'm introducing these terms in case you don't know them.

Harry Wells Harry Wells
Recommendations: 15

Amanda, do you feel that the dots at the end of each line really serve any purpose?

Harry Wells Harry Wells
Recommendations: 15

I like this poem for its unresentful facing up to facts. The first two lines are so good. Mouth watering!

Kitchera Hicks Kitchera Hicks
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This is basically soulless I love how dark it is!

Julian Osterman Julian Osterman
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Yeah, I raised her right. Haha.

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Amanda Krumme Amanda Krumme
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Requiems and Epitaphs

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soul mates

A soft sweet kiss
From the darkness
As I fade away into nothing
For nothing is all that waits... 3 comments

I fear not death.
Death is peace
Whether or not
I believe in your God...

I want not for another life.
This one has been sufficient.
I ask not for forgiveness
From a fraudulent stranger...

When I die do not pray.
Do not leave me in God's hands.
Save your requiems and epitaphs
for another...

I will be fine.
I will be gone.
And we will not meet again. 3 comments

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