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Desi Mosier Desi Mosier
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Betrayed: Chapter 2

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

      We enrolled in Eastlen High School in Utah. It was a small school. I picked it because it reminded me of our old school. We started as sophmores because we had already finished freshman year at the first school. We would have finished Sophmore year but again I messed up. Tyler came to Utah with a friend named Sam. Sam was tall with short black hair and green eyes.

        He had this charm that I found irresistable. Tyler told me to watch out for him that he wasnt exactly good news. Sam and I started hanging out and I spending so much time with Jezebell. One night I lied to Jezebell and went to sams and stayed a little to long. She must have known where I was because Jezebell must have gotten worried and came to Sams to check on me.

       She knocked on Sams door, but there was no answer. We heard the knocking but we figured who ever it was would just go away. Jezebell oppened the door and climbed the stairs. She then walked into the living room and walked in on sam and I having sex. Now i had never said that Jezebell and i were an item but we did love eachother and we had killed together and we had made love many nights since i changed her.

       However I guess seeing me share that pleasure that had only been hers for so long with Sam, metaphoricaly broke her heart. She stormed out of the house in a fit of rage and killed the first person she saw.

       This tall fourty year old man picked the wrong night to walk his dog down this perticular street. She killed the man and his little dog. Tyler and Sam took care of the man and his Dog, while Jezebell and I fled again only this time to colorado.

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