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Ashley Bowling Ashley Bowling
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The King and The Dragon

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The King and The Dragon
By: A. A. Bowling

There once was a king named Daniel. King Daniel lived in a far away kingdom. His kingdom has a problem. A dragon is terrorizing his land. What will King Daniel do?
  -pg 1-
"Sire, The dragon took the Queen!" said Jester
"What!" cried the king.
While King Daniel paces around the throne room. The dragon heads back to his lair and puts the queen in a cage.
  -pg 2-
"Oh,Mister Dragon! Why have you took me?" cried the Queen
"I am lonely. Nobody wants to be my friend." said the Dragon
"If you let me out I will be your friend" said the Queen
"If I let you out you will leave." said Dragon
"No I wont" said teh Queen
While the dragon thinks about what to do. The King is getting ready for battle.
-pg 3-
He wants to stop the the dragon from harming his people and to get his wife back. Little did the king know, the dragon only wants a friend. He is very lonely living in the cave by himself. So the king hops on his and horse and rides out of the kingdom. To the dragons far away lair.
-pg 4-
He reaches the lair and gets off his horse.
"Dragon! Come out and bring the Queen with you" shouted King Daniel.
There is no answer to his shout. He starts toward the entrance to the lair and a blast of fire came out.
"So he wont come out thats fine I go get him"
He marches into the lair with his sword and out. He stops when he gets to the room where the dragon his. The king hears laughter coming from inside the room.
                      -pg 5-
Daniel steps through the doorway and stops. The scene before is way to much. The queen is sitting on the dragons shoulder talking and laughing with him. This defiantly changes things.
"Dragon, Why do you terrorize my kingdom?" asked King Daniel
"Daniel, He is lonely and nobody wants to be his friend" said the Queen
The dragon shakes his head up and down to agree. He looks at Daniel.
" I will be your friend also" said Daniel
" Oh, thank you, your majesty" said dragon
            -pg 6-
The dragon, King Daniel and the queen head down to the kingdom. The dragon is going to stay with them in the castle. So he wont be alone anymore. But the dragon will have to stop blasting fire all the time. So he doesnt fry the kingdom down.
"Maybe we should find another dragon for him as a friend." said king
" But isnt he the only one who exists." said the Queen
"I dont know." said King daniel

Back at the kingdom, People are running around Screaming. Everyone is terrified of dragon.
"Everyone, please calm down, He wont hurt you. He just want friends."
People finally stop running around and just stare at the dragon.
"Its okay, I wont hurt you, I was just a lonely dragon who didnt have any friends."
"Ok, We will be your friends" The crowd cries.
                    -pg 8-
So now the dragon is getting settled into his new home. His new friends are getting to know him better. They see why he terrorized them. He was just mad cause nobody wanted to be his friend. He wanted attention but he got the wrong attention when he would terrorize them. They became terrified of him. Dragon is helping rebuild the kingdom he destroyed.
           -pg 9-
Everybody is happy now that they have their house back. Dragon is happy cause he has friends. The king and queen are happy because their kingdom is now safe and happy. Everybody has a new friend.
                                  -pg 10-

                                                    The End

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