Harry Wells Harry Wells
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A good philosophy, Indira. Between full stops in this poem you don't need any of the commas. Especially the one between 'meet' and 'and' in the last but one line. A comma separates but 'and' is a conjunction (a part of speech meant to join) they don't go together.

Asma Ahsan Asma Ahsan
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yeah, I had trouble with the philosophy Harry. i have commented in the discussion section. Just shows how our views differ as individuals.

Indira Mukherjee Indira Mukherjee
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I have tried to correct it Harry. Thanks.

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Indira Mukherjee Indira Mukherjee
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Friends Forever

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soul mates

Your beliefs are based on

what you have gone through your life.

My beliefs are based on

what I have gone through my life.

So let there be

a space between,

your belief and my belief,

where we shall meet and

agree to disagree on some points.

Then there will be no bitterness. 3 comments

Our friendship will be

forever and forever

and that for me

is a great relief,as

friendship is all about

love, care, compassion and


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