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Raymond lloyd Williams Raymond lloyd Williams
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Here for you

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soul mates

This poem is about not given up, I had to go through the courts to get custody of my son. I'm just letting my son know that,  I will always be here for him.

You know that I'm here for you, I will never ever
give up on you, because you mean everything to me.

I never really wanted to take this through the courts
but I had no choice in the end, your mummy didn't compromise with me
she put her violent husband before you and I was not standing for that
the truth is your mummy should of put you first, but don't worry son
you can count on me, I will never leave you like mummy did, I will always
be here for you, from the bottom of my heart, doesn't matter how hard it will get
daddy is staying put, not like mummy runaway when things get tough
she ranaway from the responsibility, she didn't know how to be a mum to you
but I know because I've had to be a mum too, as well as being a dad to you
so remember that daddy loves you with all his heart and will be
there for you for life.

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