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Amanda Krumme Amanda Krumme
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Character Descriptions

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soul mates

This was part of an assignment I had in my English class senior year. We had to write poems to introduce the characters that were to be in a story.

The Writer
For twenty-one years she’s been called Anastacia,
Thinking fanciful thoughts from prose to fantasia.
Her works are a treasure with the value of gold.
Wondrous tales and stories untold.
The office life was never her plan,
But she works very hard and does what she can
To help the community and people in need
And to fight against poverty, violence, and greed.
Modest and quaint with only one friend,
To her he is perfect and more than pretend.

The Friend
Jonas, oh Jonas, lived life an illusion,
But this strange new land has caused some confusion.
He’s always been charming, and handsome, and kind,
But until this day he was a figment of mind.
Then all of a sudden, just out of the blue,
He came to experience a feeling brand new.
He finally grasped that which he sought,
Now more than a voice, a vision, or thought.
The first touch that he felt, the first in his life,
Was from a girl with a tail and a heart full of strife.

The Rabbit Girl
This bunny named Bridget worked nights at the pub.
“You think life is tough? Well, Hun, join the club!”
With uniforms horrid and the costumers rude,
Bridget stayed frazzled in a ‘do or die’ mood.
Once again late, she needed a ride,
But no one had time to help save her hide.
By strange accident, down a manhole she stumbled,
Then, the roar of a beast boomed, echoed, and rumbled.
Three helpful heroes soon joined the fight:
The Writer, Her Friend, and lastly, The Knight.

The Knight
Sir Gambit Ulysses Trout,
A brave, noble man, no doubt,
Was good with a sword, even better with wits,
And when it comes to a challenge a Knight never quits.
He rescues the foreigners, what a great guy,
And allowed one of them the privilege to fly
On his friend, on his pet, the Griffin reverse.
He vowed to protect them from death, vex, and curse.
He led them to safety to relax, rest their heads,
But they got stuck telling stories to a garden instead.

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