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Julian Osterman Julian Osterman
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Godspeed is 1,100 Feet Per Second

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soul mates

Collectively criticize the Beatitudes
Just platitudes with attitudes the size of Kathmandu
Narcissistic cacophony expecting us to foam at the mouth with gratitude.

Whatever dude.

You quibble when I quip a slick flick of the lyrical wrist
And flip dirks and daggers against your mystical powers
But words that shine can't dodge bullets and shells
Stuttering a staccato rat-a-tat-tat simpatico
Making a cold frost blow snow over your mythical Hell
Extinguishing those fires like blowing out birthday candles.

Make a wish.

I wish this whole damn myth had been better handled.

Your mirage shimmers and shimmies on the soapbox
While you jimmy the locks on the strong box behind our eyes
Blind to the kindness you mockingly display
While stealing treasures for the sole purpose in taking pleasure
In that mental genocide counting now in mind-blowing measures.

Memorized page and verse but in reverse proportion
To the message of data corruption and truth distortion
An empire of mightiness only in words and hypocrisy
No democracy can handle this amount of soul abortion
This mental contortion of inverse wealth and kindness
And health and blindness and bliss at the chance to miss
The truth smacking you right in the face
As it flies back through time and space
At speeds of one thousand one hundred feet per second
And the full metal jacket hits your skull and splits your eye
From two thousand years ago it hits you that it was just a lie
And you can't justify
The oceans of blood you're swimming in
And the crops fertilized with the bones of dead children
And you don't even care anymore
You just know that you are sick of thinking about them
Every dead kid is a Starbucks coffee without those thoughts slinking around
And you wash away any thoughts of making a change to the system
Power corrupts, but not as much as being a comfortable middle ground.

You can uphold the right to bear arms
I uphold my right to bare my soul.

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