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Amanda Krumme Amanda Krumme
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War Game

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This is something I did for a writting course. You pick a subject, make a list of key words, then use those key words to write both a poem and a short story under 300 words.


Demons of hell

of death and of fear

Waging their war

to make their rank clear

Armies of darkness

destroy and attack

With evil and magic

and minions in black

Now is the end,

the apocalypse day

Now comes the madness,

kneel down and pray

The hopeless, the helpless,

filled with horror and sin

The skies will rain fire

and one monster will win

Short story

“Come!” shouts the Fire Demon. “It is time we declare our ranks!” A crowd now gathers in the pits of hell.

“And how,” asks the Demon of Fear, “do you propose we do that?” A murmur rises showing others are curious as well. The Fire Demon takes pleasure in this and is excited at the chance to strike madness and horror on the world.

“We will gather minions! Build armies! We will attack the hopeless and helpless- keeping a death count,” He answers animatedly. The murmur now turns into an excited buzz of discussion.

“Yes!” cries the  Shadow Demon. “We will use our evil and our magic to destroy the world!” There are cheers of agreement and passion.

The Demon of Fear speaks again, “And the people will pray to their god for this war to end, but apocalypse will come nonetheless!”

“Right!” cries a voice they all know. “And in the end, the most ruthless will win a throne next to mine!” Lucifer has declared the grand prize.

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