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Celine Cat Celine Cat
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i don't know myself

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im only human
emotions some may never understand
the mask i can't remove
your name or mine?
get me out of here

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soul mates

can't you see it?
the ball and chain on my feet,
they keep me here,
in my sad thoughts,
bubbles of happy come and go,
when they pop its back to the thoughts,
they swill in my mind,
make me think,
i try not to act,
cause if i do act,
i might die.

i try to stop myself,
i remember i was close once,
but i didn't go fare,
no blood was spilled,
im glad i it didn't go to fare,
im glad it didn't become an addiction,
but i did cut before,
and i always remembered,
it never stung,
i just watched the blood fall,
to the white of the bath tub.
and that was when i was 7 or so.

i have a mask,
that was made to protect me,
from the dark,
that i have seen,
but i wonder,
has it given me a emotion problem,
cause i think it has,
makes me too happy,
and makes me too sad,
i can't even cry at the right times,
i hope my boyfriend,
if i ever get one,
knows what he is in for.

my life as i know it,
is very much a emotional mess,
i don't know what im doing,
and i don't know were to go,
maybe i need help,
but i don't know,
im trying to fix myself,
cause i hate relying on others.
maybe that is why i don't speak out,
why i don't talk in school,
why i look lonely all the time,
why im filled with all this pain,
i just want it gone,
why can't it go away?

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