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Morte Sangriz Morte Sangriz
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The Play

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soul mates

A light illuminates the darkest of night; but can it help my heart continue despite my fright?

This spotlight blinds me and fills me with dread, for this is a script that I have not yet read.

How am I expected to play this part when the crowd is watching with eyes hoping to get a glimpse of true art?

My acting is faltering and my tongue begins to slip, but a moment passes and I force myself to bite my lip.

This play is the hardest I have ever had to act, all my masks are failing but the theater is so packed.

Why do they all watch me so?

When I am not the star of this one-in-a-lifetime show; my eyes ask the director but even he does not know.

The other actors play their parts and they all look so flawless; Oh God I know that I’m going to turn this play into a mess…

The curtain falls for the final scene to begin and I close my eyes and search for a drop of resolve within.

It a second frozen in time when everything dulls but that one shot of a lifetime.

My eyes snap open and that is when I know; that this play has been about my life and that I have always controlled the show.

There is no script that can control what I do for not even I know what I can really do; the rest of the world does not have a single clue.

Slowly, slowly, slowly; the curtains begin to rise and I can feel the pressure of a thousand curious eyes.

But I smile with joy and let go of the fear that my acting will be judged; I twirl and dance to the beating of my heart and when I look back at the crowd I see that not a single soul has budged.

I am who I am and cannot be stopped; I write my own script and that is something that will never be swapped.

The cheering is deafening and the smiles are wide; and I can see that to some my life is a gift that I should never have to hide…

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