Jim Miller Jim Miller
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First line---ran and run verb tenses do not agree, and it would be better if they did. Maybe something like..."And I ran, I ran flying through the trees"

Harry Wells Harry Wells
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Tense agreement is important.

Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
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Even though I really do like this and after reading yet again I do have to agree Jim and Harry on tenses.

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Neal Shanncappo Neal Shanncappo
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Beneath the Noonlight Sky

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soul mates

Under the blue sky beneath the stars glimmer I fell
And there amidst the leaves burned with autumn
I slept
To dream

I remember running
I remember my heart thundering like a steady drum
Loud in my ears
Deeply sown strength in every beat
Every breath
Brushing leaves across my coat
My skin wet with early morning dew born into mist
Fine like the waves of air in these mountain woods filled with yesteryear lingerings

And I ran, I run I fly through the trees
Singing all the way with a voice not my own
Still a voice, a song, I have known from when, I know not, only do
Racing is our run through underbrush thick as fog in winter
Across glades rushing with reeds and ponds streaming 3 comments

My companion and I cry out in joy to spring
Across impossible chasm waiting one long beating moment in the grasp of air
Until feet kiss the earth once more and behind us yawns the craggy void
Where lingers tales of forgotten woe this way past before
And still I run
We run

In the wind coursing through the between of woods thick and tall
Stretching to touch the underbellies of the sky whales gliding languidly above
Where we run and dance with breath escaping in gusts of laughter
As into valleys we sprint
Over hills and past the great trees we are running further and further
Into the east where lies the sun aching for one more moment with the moon
In that space betwixt the signing of night and wailing of day
And this where she and I run my companion and me striding ever running we run

Two wolves free
My spirit guide and me

We are running
Running still

. . . And still I dream . . .

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