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Paul Day Paul Day
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One Little Monkey

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soul mates

Ok, I have never written an Alphabet Book for children before and I was inspired by a book I just reviewed on Amazon so I thought I would give it a go and combine a story about a cheeky little monkey and the alphabet. What do you all think?

One Little Monkey
(An Alphabet Book of Words)

One little monkey.
Just will not behave.
He’s meant to be sleeping,
But he’s out of his cage.

A is for Andy, Amanda and Ant
B is for Bank and for Billy and Brant
C is for Carrot and Carol and Cart
D is for Daryl and Drink and for Dart

Can you see the monkey
Up high in the tree.
Where’s that cheeky monkey,
Now where can he be?

E is for Elephant and Elizabeth and Eat
F is for Frozen and Funny and Feet
G is for Grumpy and Giraffe and Girl
H is for Harry and Henry and Hurl

The monkey is hurling,
Some nuts from the tree.
Be careful up there,
Or one nut might hit me.

I is for India and Ingrid and Ill
J is for Justin and Jumping and Jill
K is for Karen and Kite and for Keg
L is for Loving and Life and for Leg

Our small cheeky monkey,
In some wire is stuck.
He can’t get his leg out,
He has ran out of luck.

M is for Monkey and Muck and for Mine
N is for Night and for Naughty and Nine
O is for Orange and Orangutan and Old
P is for People and Possum and Poll

He’s got himself loose,
But he’s sitting alone.
Nursing his injuries,
Now he wants to go home.

Q is for Question and Quarter and Quail
R is for Resting and Reading and Rail
S is for Sitting all alone in the Zoo
T is for Tooth and for Terry and Two

The Zoo Keeper finds Monkey
And takes him back to his room.
Where he plays in the corner,
With the end of a broom.

U is for Uniform and Unit and U-turn
V is for Vehicle and Volt and for Verne
W is for William and Wendy and Wall
X is not for many words at all

Y is for Yellow and Yummy and Young
Z is for Zoo where our Monkey had fun.

He’s fallen asleep now,
On a sack in his cage.
Tired from his mischief,
On every page.

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