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You remove all humanness from the baby when you refer to him/her as an it. Is there another way that you can put your idea forth without referring to the baby as an it? Just my feeling.

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She had a friend.

Mr. Greyson looked down at the baby, almost pitiously. Here was yet another being born into a world he would not like. 1 comment

"Welcome, Evan," he said ominiously. "Welcome to life. Enjoy it now, while you can, because as soon as you meet other people, your life is going to go down the drain."

The child's parents stared at him. They had never had such a bile-black doctor before.

"What?" he asked. "Kids are cruel and you know it. By the time he gets to high school all the hormones are gonna change him, and the saddest part is that we don't care, no one does. Not his friends, not his peers, and certainly not the rest of the world. Enjoy raising him. Good day." He turned abruptly, and strolled out of the hospital ward.

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