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Neal Shanncappo Neal Shanncappo
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Soliloquizations of Anxiety

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soul mates

Yesterday there was a Red Sun singing softly to a Blue Moon
And the moon sang with weeping tears
One day the Sun said to the Moon, “Will you dance with me?”
And the Moon laughed but not with unkindness
And so they went day after day and night after night evermore

Three days ago there was a Copper Sun whispering to an Azure Moon
And the Moon cried with anxious delight
One night the Moon said to the Sun, “Ever should I dance with you
But woe be my heart and spliced be my soul
Should you be found to be not what you appear to be”

Last night the Yellow Sun sat with infinite contemplation
And the Moon waited with apprehensive soliloquy
Wondering Sun drew forth his passionate conclusions, yet untested
And the Sun said, “But my heart be the truest
And so will ever be my intentions nothing more but the good”

Today we witness a serendipitous Golden Sun amidst a dance
And tonight we gaze upon a tantalising sapphire Moon
So ever after they dance as they have danced from the beginning
And so they danced until the ending of it all
And now we have guides of the heart and soul
For our nights and all our days to come . . .

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