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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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Never Meant to Be

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Shadows creep into my room
I beg them to stay
I like to disappear
into  the cold and grey.
I lock the door and smash the mirror
So no one has to see
the person I was never meant to be.

It’s not for everyday
only when the moon is blue.
I have grace and secret smiles
set aside for you.
You seem  to be so happy
thinking  I’m a fool,
innocent of things not learned in school

Yet I  know  all the dances that  drive you wild.
I know how to touch until you shiver like a child.
Just don’t make me look into my own eyes to see
the person I was never meant to be.

But I’ll take what you’re offering,
sparkling and bright,
then unfold my restless wings,
and  glide  into the night.
I know  you  will follow,
reaching for my hand and all the things
you won’t understand.

So you are welcome to my bag of lies,
what would you like to hear?
I’ll turn on my brightest eyes,
cold and crystal clear.
Pay me well and I will play these
games of make believe
as long as we pretend that it’s not me

I walk with my shadows under foreboding clouds
Hand in hand with loneliness ,cast out of the crowd
You are still around the bend, waiting hopelessly
for someone who was never meant to be

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