Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

On the whisper of the sky I heard the sound of your voice, quietly, gently laughing....beautiful words.

Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

cathedral of leaves and vines......very good imagery.

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Neal Shanncappo Neal Shanncappo
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One Step Closer

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soul mates

I closed my eyes and into dreams I slid with your voice lingering in my soul
I smelled the grass first, and followed closely was the sound
Swaying like waves gently undulating all around me
On the whisper of the sky I heard the sound of your voice, quietly, gently laughing
The earth beneath me is strong and warm, almost cool
The scent of your hair kissed my lips and I swallowed only to sigh . . . 1 comment

I opened my eyes then in that singular moment with tears brimming for,
Never before has the glade of the angel looked this way
Brightly vivid trees in bloom with long flowing tresses of vines mingled with flowers
And serenity floating all around in fluffs of cottony gossamer like stars
The sun light glimmers and falls through the cathedral of leaves and vines
I remember then the way it catches your softly golden hair
Of how lost and found I was in each other’s arms, under the beating of our hearts 1 comment

I hear and so I look to my left and through the grasses, and tall stemmed ones I see her
My wolf, laying down her gaze watchful and full of peace, of kindness
Her coat of darkest night a hazy sight under the breath of the sun’s caresses
She’s at peace for the first time in our lives together; she’s at ease for the first time since forever
Still, my breath is stolen in a hushing blink of my eyes for I see her
Standing beside my giant wolf, my Rhane, and she is braiding her hair with tiny, tiny hands

“She’s lovely Neal,” the Elf says from beside me and I can only nod in dumbstruck silence deep
“... as is her mother, yes?”

Yes, I can barely think in reply for she is braiding my wolf’s hair
Without fear

I hear your sweet laughter and I rise from my bed of lush grasses many times folded
Once again I am lost inside your eyes and the way only you could, would, will ever captivate me freely
Pools deeply azure like the waves I love to play inside so much,
As if they are twin oceans of life I have only glimpsed the slightest of yet
And I know in that moment, as I have in every moment I find your eyes cupping mine
It has been a thousand lives that I have loved you,
And it will be a thousand more before I breathe without you
Every life I have lived before this one I lived and died in your gaze
Inside your smiling laughter I have lived to inhale into my every pore happiness replete
I blink swiftly as if my soul cannot bare the instant of flickering to miss you

I’ve cross the waters now,
With but one stride I stand before you,
Barely a ripple across that mirror of life
My heart beats fast
As into my arms you fall
And I catch you with strength born of tenderness
This is where I never knew I belonged in this life
All the while knowing in the brightest recesses of my spirit
I could truly live in no other place
Except right here where you hold me in your arms
It is these moments that I longed for,
These moments that I wrote and sought my whole life for
When for the first time I discover again how to feel
How to feel what it’s like to be touched
What it’s like to know in my soul
There can be no other place I could ever draw breath

Forever will pass this way all over once more
Before I let you go,
And then I will fight with all that I have ever been,
In every life I have lived to hold you
And love you again for the first time
Just like this life
And a thousand years under this sun
And a thousand more under the moonlight
Before my heart beats without yours

“I missed you.”

I hear my voice gently crack in tandem with yours
I’m shivering, I’m crying now as I dream, and when I wake
I know in this dream I can feel the tears streaming down my face
I hear laughter far off and away
You smile once more and I know you can hear my sleeping body’s laughter
Bright and light full of joy that echoes this moment in the garden of the angel

The sky is singing for us and the heavens that surround us
Quietly rain down on us
Warmly with each drop to kiss our skin tenderly
With each rain drop somehow missing the feather light stars that drift lazily on the hushed out breeze
Without looking I know it rains nowhere except here where we stand
Holding each other like we have our whole lives together
And it rains because together we love it so much

“Do you remember when we died and found each other. . ?”
I open my eyes and see you gazing back at me
Your hair moist and yet not from the rains
Your skin, damp and yet not yet touched by the rains
Like me your eyes are full of tears barely born, barely seen, not yet ready to fall
And you nod

“It was on a winter’s day and the wind was gusting . . .” you breathe
“Yeah, and before that too,” I add with a grin, like the grinning light we have always shared

“When I was so scared, when you were too,” you say and I nod to kiss your forehead
“It was that day, when first spoke of this connection did we...”

“Yes,” I cry with a quiet breathing laugh from the wellspring within us
“It was that day; it was always that day, that afternoon . . .”

“In winter.”
“... in winter.”

I close my eyes to feel yours close as well and I know
Even as we open ours that we will be there all over once more forever
And we are
Standing in the snow, in our bare feet, untouched by the cold
The sunlight of the glade raining down all around us
Back in our corner of the world that has always, will always be. . . ours
We’re so young sitting there stealing glances of each other
Smiling, laughing and loving without words
Smoking cigarettes because they are what keeps our stolen moments lasting into forever
And time rests here in this place just for us
Time, it was always about time, and time was, is and will always be our friend

Creator gave that to us, to you a gift of one hand of time
And to me the other hand of time
Together we have time

Even here in the glade of the angel
My head swims in the comforting knowledge that it was always true
Even when we didn’t know it was, it was all the same
Just as here tonight, today, this moment it remains true
We have time . . .

She’s grown older now, and she too is not alone
We’re young still, though our faces hint at time having touched us at last
And looking across the pool of time past this way before
We see that, she’s . . .
She’s happy as she has always been
Playing and watching her daughter play with the wolf and their animals too
I see a deer, but you point her out first and our laughter rings out like chimes dancing in the wind

“Is that yours . . ?” I ask you again,
But you only smile mischievously
“Still not going to tell me eh?”

“But you already know which one is mine . .” and I know it’s true
The snow white owl of winters born and fallen past to rise again
Is the guide that watches over you
Has always watched over you, will always in all our lives
These thousand lives shared
I looked to you now and see you watching her fly
Watching her sail on the winds gracefully and for a moment, just one brief moment
I see the silver gleamed out whisper of light that ties, has tied, will always tie you two together
And like that . . .
For the first time I can see, I do see

All of the whispers of light tie each of us together, me to my wolf and you to your owl
Our children to their guides, and each guide to the next and other too
All the light between us surrounding us in a glorious lattice webbed catcher of dreams
The glade is full of light now . . . and I know
It was always this way, always full of light
A myriad shone of light
And no matter where we are there in the center of it all are we

“This is how you have always seen the world haven’t you,” I barely whisper
“I never saw this before I met you once more . . .”

So it is that you my heart, my soul, my river of life in all the lives I have lived will ever live
Pull my head down to your lips and you kiss my eyes
Lingering like a fluttering butterfly upon each lid and then turn my face to see for the first time
The gleaming of the glade,
The crisp lusciousness of focus rising and falling with life from us all
I die in this moment and I cry for I see with your gift
The light cascading from our family, from your daughter, from ours,
From our guides one and all
Like the leaves that slowly fall all around us now
Glimmering with light of their own, unique and yet it ties them to the one tree they are born of
Like our children and grand children’s light ties them to you, to me,
To we in connection
And the vivid colours unbound gleam from within everything in creation

I slowly look to you my heart catching in my throat
My breath forgotten somewhere

Radiance is your hair flowing down about your shoulders
As if every strand hold within it a subtle shade of light all its own
And I know then that they do, have always done, will ever do
Your skin has a vibrancy of intangibility that time has no claim upon
Like your eyes shining softly with the soul that I lost and found myself in

“So this is how you see when you have seen will see all that lay before you?” I whisper
When you nod I feel the truth of having taken one step closer

“I have died a thousand times, in every breath of every day
Only to live all over once more with every breath for having you love me
Nay, for having you look upon me I have lived, if only for a single glimpse of your eyes
I have breathed for those touches and my heart has always beat fast
Beat strong, beat steady with all of my doubt going away because of you
Because of your kindness
And time has stood still for me as it has stood still for you and we, for us
In every breath, in every look that was, will ever be shared between us
And for a thousand lives lived I knew you were out there
Waiting, living and knowing too
That I would find you
That you would find me
That this life would find us
Because Creator loves us
Cherishes us

I will be braver now
I will for we are one step closer now
To letting forever our fear go
And I say it is ours for what you feel to breathe so too do I.”
Into a quiet I fall, but not without love and balance
Not without respect and kindness

Remember to walk with kindness, she told me, told us and we do, have, will always do

I lay down in the tall shushing grasses full of life
And you follow beside me
The skies are clear once more
With the sun shining low over the horizon of the sea of tranquility
The stars are an ocean in the night sky
With the moon full and bright light cascading all around

We close our eyes to sleep now
Safely in the knowledge that every breath, of every hour
Has brought us to this moment

We have lived a thousand lives before
We will live a thousand lives again
And we will love each other in every one

Sleep hugs us deeply and into dream within dream do we hear the call
So it is that we do, we dream, and we dream together

The earth yawns before us, farms off in the distance,
A forest emerald with freshness in life all around below us
And we have opened our eyes to find ourselves hand in hand
On the crenellated walls of a tall castle made strong
And our heralds trumpet to call out to the day
To signal the school of birds, sparrows to take wing and dance across the sky
The walls of the castle are thick and foundations are deep and strong

“This is your home; this is where you two live,”
The Elf says to us both
“Every night this is where you have met, will always meet,”
She explains
“Down those stairs and through those doors, there your family awaits you,”
She tells us two
“Take your time,” and I cry as you cry standing hand in hand on the tallest of walls
“For time is your gift.”

We’re one step closer my soul,

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