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My kids probably wish the same, except I dont bribe them. :) You should compare notes with them. :P

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Neal Shanncappo Neal Shanncappo
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Miss Nonine

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soul mates

I wish
That I had a chance to know a mother
Like the ones others have
Like you

I wish
She had been one to care
Like a mother should
To love us equally
As we are
To love me a little

I wish
I could say I’d cry when I lose her
But all the tears I’ve ever known
Were beaten from me
With vicious whips and cracking words
What would I grieve for?

I wish
I had memories like those I hear them recall
Of a mother who held them close
Who whispered softly “Things will turn out alright”
Who didn’t bribe them to hide their shame
Who didn’t hide them to lock them away
Chase them away

I wish
I had a mother I could call my mother
One I could call “Mom” just once and mean it
Like they mean it

I wish
I could look back on my life and see the happiness there
Only this time unmarred by harsh words and deeds
Where I was given a blessing of faith
In hope and in a promise of happiness
Instead of despair
Instead of broken promises

I wish

I wish I had a mother like you 1 comment

Just like you

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