Leslie Blackwell Leslie Blackwell
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one soul ascended upon the castle wall above the fray of discontent - really like this sentence. Very deep and poetic.

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Jim Miller Jim Miller
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One being

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soul mates

When you really come to know it, we are all just one

One being, ever seeking

Ever forward, always evolving

One being in search of self

In search of the other, wanting the truth

One being, from many produced

From many descended, too many going

Full of peace and love, full of turmoil and hate

Emptied of all.  Bleeding for right, bleeding for wrong

Healed for a blessing

One soul ascended upon the castle wall to rise

above the fray of discontent.  One soul

bleating in loud protest that one such as he/she

should exist at all 1 comment


One is the loneliest number

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