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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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Reborn in Elysium.

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soul mates

What you will read in this poem is what I dream about at night and the thoughts that come to me during the day. I have a fascination with the Greek Gods and legends, and sometimes I long to live in their world. This is a poem based on what I wish for in terms of nature, love and battle.

I live in a dark world,
Full of grey, white and black.
I promised myself that if I left
I'd never be coming back.

I long for trees and wildlife
And I long for a red-sand beach.
I want primroses and an apple tree
That's low enough to reach.

I want my own bow and arrow
To fire into the midnight sky.
Like Artemis the Archeress,
The moon on which I could fly.

I look at my hazel eyes
They are green, brown and grey.
They remind of a beautiful forest
On a rainy day. 1 comment

How I wish I could live the life
Of the adventure in my eyes
And escape this house and country
Of all its endless lies.

Even as I walk through town,
I let the wind play with my hair.
And as it's flowing behind me
Everything is so clear.

With no hair in my eyes anymore
And nobody in my way.
Nobody to say "mind your manners"
Or tell me what to say.

I dream about this life nightly
And always during school hours.
While teachers drawl, I write out
My dreams of colour and power.

But I blink and I'm home again
And there are no trees and sands.
Just a cloudy sky and a torn-up green
And calloused, blood-stained hands.

I want a lover here with me,
Forever in my arms.
Living for eternity
In a land where it's safe and warm.

We could visit the Romans
And have nectar with the Greeks.
Meet the heroes of the legends
The Gods of History.

While we live, we fight for us
Until our time is done.
Whether we die in bed or the battlefield
We're reborn in Elysium.

Nothing will change, however,
No soft lips to heal my own.
No rain forest or red sand beach,
A lone ranger as I've been known.

And so as I lie alone again
Wading to the doors of death.
I pray to any Gods who hear
And gasp a final rasping breath.

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