Chris Costanza Chris Costanza
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Thank you! And I agree I enjoy this one the most.

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Chris Costanza Chris Costanza
Recommendations: 6


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soul mates

My first attempt in my larger series of meta.

What does it take to make
Something that others will not berate?
Something that gives you pride,
Something that might bring a tear
To a newly-enlightened eye?

What does it take? To make
A blind man wish to never see?
To make a poor man live happily,
To make a caged man break free?
To let a troubled man rest in peace,
And to make even the worst of men
Step down from that final leap?

What does it take to make
The beautiful poetry?
Use an old-fashioned quill,
Overflow your inkwell with blood.  
The blood of the innocent,
The murdered, the oppressed,
And of course, your own.

Take your chisel of the world's blood
to the ugly stone slab of injustice and suffering.
Chip away, chip away, young poet,
Until you have revealed the beauty,
of a free people.
You will chip and chip and chip away forever,
Old poet

What does poetry take to make?
It takes your life.  
It is the calling, of us poets,
To chip and scribble away forever.
For Poetry's beautiful whispers never stop
And no one is ever truly free. 2 comments

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