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Rajesh Mani Rajesh Mani
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She had a friend.

The weather is mild as it is early summer days on a Saturday evening. A ground floor of the big Victorian building has been refurbished to a pub with ample dancing floor. May be Jon came in a little earlier and happy to see his favorite ‘old John Hill’ facing window seat is not reserved. He promptly occupied the seat after placing his summer jacket covering the chair. Took a breath of the fresh beer odor mixed with wooden floors. The air inside the pub was thin and refreshingly warmer. Usually his mates would accompany him but not today.

As the sun leaves its space to darkness the locals started occupying the seats slowly. The dusk is sprinkling romances. Then she enters in glittering black dress with high stilettos. She is stunning lady wearing red lipstick on her face. Her blonde hair flows freely on her shoulders dancing to the rhythm of her walk.

Jon gazes at her while she is enters into the pub door which is diagonally opposite to him. He notices that she isn’t coming with a date.

Starring at her “Does she accompany by anybody?” Jon talked to himself. He declared himself she is alone and would approach her. Swiftly she entered into the way advances to her favorite table making all heads turn. She sat in a formal way and eyes over the place with a smile. In the mean time the DJ started playing songs. She ought to get up as the DJ is playing her favorite number. She moved onto the floor just in a couple of second sipping her Malibu with pineapple. Small steps and polar movement of her head looks like she is getting into the groove. Moving the body like a snake, Jon couldn’t take his eyes off from her as he liked the way she shakes. He carefully studies her movements. The digital lights and the laser make the situation more intense.

“Girl you are such a flirt. I noticed by the way you get the attention from others” murmured himself. “You are surrounded by the guys. Oh yeah! They got to dance the whole night to get out with you tonight” whispered himself.

He finished the JD with a smile and moved slowly towards the dance floor. Starting getting into the groove and trying his best to get around her. It worked and he maintains the groove. Both dance with cheeks to cheeks making his body weak. This wilderness makes shivering knees.

“I notice you got eyes on me and only me while I can see” Jon told himself. Jon just wanted to dance with her and not to mess around. She painted a silly grin and did not take her eyes off him. So did Jon. Her eyes flashed, sparkled by the disco lights.
Jon just got hypnotized by those eyes. He couldn’t stop himself falling as prey. They danced the whole night by Jon finishing more JD with lots of smile and she grooved by finishing more Malibu until the DJ songs went feeble.

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