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Daisha Woodson Daisha Woodson
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A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing Pt. 2

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

He never talked to me when he saw me around Mrs.Labellee’s but he sure changed around the gas station. Thanks to rain on my face, I could hide the fact that I was crying. However, my sniffling and continuous tears started to make me look suspicious. He winked then snickered. “Aw, you can’t speak? I know Ms.Labellee can be a mean lady, but that don’t mean I’m like that.” I broke eye contact with him. Paul was Ms. Labellee’s boyfriend. He seemed to be a nice guy, but there was something sneaky about him. Behind him a door opened and a man appeared from the back of the store. He closed it and tapped Paul’s back. “Go home, Paul.” Paul turned around and whispered into the guy’s ear then gave him a manly handshake for their farewell. “Hey, what’s a pretty little girl like you doing in here all by yourself?” His shirt read, “HAYDEN”. I rubbed my eyes and a tear followed. My tears could no longer be hid. They kept flowing and I felt a headache coming.
“I’m ok,” I croaked to myself for my own reassurance.
“Are you sure you’re ok?”
I hadn't realized that I had spoken aloud.
“Something wrong with my mommy,” I said sniffling and feeling warm tears gnaw at the back of my eyes. Hayden came from behind the counter and kneeled down to me. I backed away slightly, somewhat intimidated.
“Oh,really?” His eyes were deep and intense.
“Take my hand,” he said displaying his palm upward. I looked at my hand then his hand, confused.
“You have a big hand.” I poked a thick callous that stood strong and prominent on his lower middle finger. He investigated his palm as if it were a new discovery.
“Well, that’s part of being a man,” he said looking at me with a half smile. I blushed because my mom had always told me that “a man is a good thing” and that I should “find me one when I got older”. I was four and she said that when I was three so I definitely was older. However, before I could think about a “man” I needed to help my mom.
“Are you going to help me, man?” He chuckled and rolled his head back.
“It’s Hayden, sweetheart.” A light bulb went off in my head and I immediately remembered Mr.Wob telling me to grab him a beer. Thoughts of my mom flew out the window.
“Oh! Mr. Hayden, Mr.Wob wanted me to get a beer from you.”
“Is that so,” he said with a sly, sneaky smile, “grab my hand, the beer is in the back.” We walked to the door, hand in hand. He opened the door and looked down at me with a sudden serious demeanor. My heart dropped and I could feel myself about to cry all over again. I was scared that something bad was going to happen. The only time people frowned at me was when they didn’t like me. I wasn’t sure what happened between the few seconds that passed to arrive to the door.
The door opened slowly and wide with a loud, long creak. I was staring into a dark room.
“Scared,” he asked with a blank stare into the dark.
“Yes,” I said slowly backing away. He released my hand and got behind me blocking the doorway and staring down at me. He pushed me into the dark room with his leg. I firmly resisted and flung my arm backward around to hold his thigh. “No, no I’m scared,” I said releasing my tears without trying to hold them back. A hard push on my back knocked me down into the dark room making me dive face first onto the ground.

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