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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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The Constellations of Friendship.

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soul mates

Fan-fiction, based on a scene in a game I played at thirteen. I replayed the same scene again today and felt more touched than I did last time. I decided to write a poem based on it, me in my character's eyes, feeling what she feels.

I'd never fallen in love.
I had no reason for heartbreak.
All I had were my soldiers
Which the Gods thought they would take.

I'd never been a bad person.
I tried to do the world good.
And through storm and fire
I did the best I could.

Somehow, there's always a catch.
I'd always be sent a host.
All my darkest memories
Would haunt me like a ghost.

I see those memories now,
As broken as my "peace",
Shattered like a mirror
That once bore the happy me.

I see the photographs around me,
The times I used to smile.
I'll never forget who was there.
Gods, I'll never forget why.

You were more than a soldier,
You were more than my friend.
You were closer than the sister
The Gods refused to send.

I was always furious,
Never without a glare.
And when I needed to scream
You were always there.

You were always collecting flowers,
Entwining them in my hair.
You loved the constellations.
"One day, love, you'll be there,"

You looked up to the stars and said
"One day, they join to be like me,"
The Fates took you away to soon.
Et volavit ad pacem tibi.

I swore an oath years ago.
I'd vanquish evil when it came.
Yet that turned me into vengeance
And look what I became.

I no longer thought clearly
And felt nothing but my pain.
I didn't see a happy ending
Dying with you in the rain.

I'm nothing but a cursed fiend,
Bound forever to what I do.
All the soldiers I had slain,
I did it all for you.

The ghosts are singing peacefully,
As though they are at rest.
It's good to know I'll die
Knowing I did my best.

But I long for a death like yours, sister.
I long for somebody to hold my hand
And sing to me so the wounds won't hurt
As bad as our killer planned.

I see a shadow fall over me,
And madness drowns my fear.
I feel a hand grasp mine
And I know that death is near.

Whoever she is, she sings a song
And bids me to close my eyes.
I'll be with you soon, my dear
When, in the stars, I rise.

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