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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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soul mates

The Latin translation in the last verse: "When the shadows beckon, I approach them, if I must withstand the dragon's fire,". I often forget that not everybody speaks Latin. This poem is about Nyx, the goddess of Night, in which I share my love for isolation and my escapes from reality at night.

When the shadows beckon, I approach.
I let the cold wash over my soul,
And let myself become indulged in darkness.
A story never to be told.

I refuse to burn in the fire
Of the sun, casting rays upon my face.
I refuse to feel the heat of day
In any form or any state.

I live in eternal blindness from the world,
See nothing but what I want to see.
I see all the people I would have loved
If they were real; it's fine by me.

I let the chill of night become me,
Let it slowly take over my mind.
I release the last of my fingers,
Leaving painful reality behind.

I'll live forever in this isolation,
My eyes blank for all eternity.
I see nothing of the real world
And it will know nothing of me.

I fight in the bloodiest battles,
Slay dragons and their crazed knights.
Until the breath of a darker dawn,
I won't stand down tonight.

The chill of the moon is fearful,
Yet my sweet Luna draws me in.
She's the only one to understand
Excluding my dear Nyx.

Ubi umbra vocarent, aggrediar,
Si ignis est resistere draconis.
I know I am dreaming and I must wake soon
To a world much brighter than this.

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