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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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When Words Hurt Most

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soul mates

A boy from my class and some of his friends were saying really cruel things about me on Facebook yesterday. The hurt was sharp and I had no reaction. I couldn't say I was hurt because I'd be mocked for being a wimp. I had no comeback and just left it at there, before I blocked and reported them. I still feel hurt and decided to put my feelings into this short poem. I know many of you relate to cyber bullying, and I'm glad I have a way to cope with it. Thanks for reading.

What is a knife compared to words,
Words that stay in your mind all day,
Words that haunt you and your thoughts,
Words only dreams can take away.

A shield can deflect a knife and bullet,
But no shield can deflect what people say.
A stab wound can last a year or more,
But words stay with you everyday.

Words are stronger than most weapons,
Words can cause a more endless pain.
Words leave a man in misery,
Words leave a woman's head insane.

Sometimes words are fired too quickly,
And said without meaning to be said.
And all I've thought since is regret
I should have stopped when the mist turned red.

I've been trying to sleep the pain away,
But my body's rested and I can't run.
Fear is pounding in my heart still,
Why did they say it and what have I done?

And nobody hears me, they just read my words.
They can't see my red eyes, my tear-stained face.
Words are the strongest weapon, you know,
They last forever, not just for a day.

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