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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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Only One Choice

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soul mates

I stand alone in a room with two doors,
One bearing a great shimmering brightness
And the other darkness that doesn't seem to end,
And I knew that I could only enter one door.

Automatically, my head shouts "Light!"
And my right foot automatically tilts,
My hand reaches for the rays that beckon
But my heart, all I can trust, stops me.

What lies beyond the doors of light
Can be anything or anyone at all.
It could be everything I know I love
And everything I need to smile and live.

It could be everything I'll always hate
Like starless nights, torturous agony
At the hands of those who, like I know now
Torture for satisfaction and endless tears.

The light glitters up the forest in my eyes
And I glance at the darkness, at which I soon stare.
What else could lie behind that door but nothing?
What else could I see, know or have but nothing?

A world where darkness runs for eternity,
A world where I could lie, sleep and rest,
A world to live and die in my own peaceful thoughts,
Or a world I could create from scratch to my liking.

I imagine a sky with scattered, beautiful stars,
Where the grass is not dead golden, but shimmers like it,
Where the trees emit purple rays and brighten sinister shadows,
Where I create my own people, people like me, who like quietness.

If not, I could let the darkness drown my sanity
And see these people in the shadows and they'd sit there,
Staring blankly into the distance, seeing nothing, feeling nothing,
And their wordless presence would keep me satisfied and loved.

My heart tells me to turn left to darkness,
And she's the only thing left I love and trust.
All I would see is nothing, all I would feel is nothing,
But all I am now is nothing, always and forever.

My foot tilts left, my heart beats faster.
I leave what little I have left behind me.
I know that in darkness my life will drain,
But I'd rather feel nothing than endless pain.

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