Jim Miller Jim Miller
Recommendations: 29

This shows that cutting must be viewed in a negative sense.

Jim Miller Jim Miller
Recommendations: 29

Addiction is the term you use to describe cutting, and one that allows me, a non-cutter to see how that motivates the one who cuts.

Jim Miller Jim Miller
Recommendations: 29

According to you, there are even physical symptoms involved in cutting. I didn't know that.

Jim Miller Jim Miller
Recommendations: 29

Your right, those of us who don't cut, don't understand. Because we don't have a frame of reference upon which to grasp it. And we do want you to stop it now, because we don't see how it can be good for you, even though you've given us all these marvelous revelations.

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Desi Mosier Desi Mosier
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soul mates

Here I stand, alone again.
Their words in my ears,
and these cuts here.

They want me to stop.
What they don't understand,
I've done this for years; its who I am.

But that's an excuse.
In all honesty,
the pain is like a drug to me.

My addiction started at a young age.
Twelve to be precise.
I've always been my own worst enemy at night. 1 comment

The blade has always been there.
It took away the sorrow,
and let me live for tomorrow. 1 comment

It took away the pain.
Gave me the illusion of clarity.
And ignorance is bliss is a good theory.

And now I'm addicted to the blade.
When things get rough,
I get the urge to cut.

It's easier just to give in.
If I don't my body aches,
and I begin to hyperventilate. 1 comment

I see the pain I cause.
I don't want to hurt those I care about,
but how to over come the urge, I cant figure out.

My friends they do care even when they get mad,
all they want is to be there,
but the thought of opening up makes me scared.

My friends who don't cut, don't understand.
They want me to stop now.
When I say I cant they don't understand how. 1 comment

What I see and other don't, is it's an addiction,
a problem of my own design.
and recovery is going to take time.

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