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Madonna Chukwunelo Madonna Chukwunelo
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my worst dream

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She had a friend.

It all started on a beautiful and bright afternoon,when my friend lisanda invited me ova to her house,i really wanted to go,so we could talk about some stuff neither did i know i was approaching my doom.
it was 12pm,so i decided to tell my dad where i was going,he asked me wat time i would return and i told him 4pm,so he permitted me i quickly dressed up,took some magazines with me and i was off.
  On arriving the house,it was so quiet so i slowly entered the house as i quietly called on her name,i was really scared as i entered the building with my instinct telling me to go back,but i never obeyed my instinct cos i never imagined my best friend would cause me any harm,so i quietly entered the house still calling on her name,until someone tapped me from behind as i fearfully turned only to see it was lisanda.
  So i asked her why the whole compound was lonely,she said nothing,but kept smiling in a suspicious way,i asked her again but she gave me no reply,i ignored her as i went into her room,still she was quiet,i asked her why she was so quiet,she left me with no reply,then i brought out the magazines for her to read,she sat down scooped through them and said she was going to get me something.
  After a long time,i could'nt find lisanda so i decided to call on her,but there was no reply,i searched the whole rooms but could not find lisanda,i got so angry and decided to leave the house.
  On my way out, i saw a guy coming out of one of the rooms,though he was cute i was scared so i decided to go,but he held me tight i struggled to no avail,i shouted lisanda's name,but had no answer,until someone called on my name'BELLA,i had to do it' i shouted 'do what'she said notin and left the building,i tried to set myself from the grip of this guy,but i failed i kept giving him empty threats,but he guffawed at me,i was crying as he tore my clothes and raped me,i never what  else happened till i woke up to,only to find myself on a hospital bed,i asked what happened to me,the doctor quietly told me i was raped and was pregnant,that i couldn't believe as i screamed,only to find out it was all a dream.

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