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Desi Mosier Desi Mosier
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Chapter Three

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Under the Double Star - Chapter One

      "Drusilla Grace get up and get ready, you're late for school!" The woman was shaking the girl violently.
       "Mom cant you just call me off today?" She turned and looked at her mother.

       "No Drew, you have already missed too many days. now get up and go. I'm not giving you a ride, so you better get a move on!"

       The girl jumped up. "But mom thats not fair! When Daniel's late you give him a ride!"
       "Thats different, besides your brother doesnt skip school, you do."

       "This so isnt fair!" she yelled as she punched the wall beside her closet.

       "Oh yeah, i'm sure that helps. Oh, and Melanie is down stairs waiting on you." The mother left and closed the door behind her.

       Drew quickly pulled clothes out of her closet and put them on while mumbling to herself. "Great! Now i'm going to be late and Mel's gonna be late and she'll get detention and it'll be my fault! My attendance sucks already and so do my grades! God I'm going to fail this year and be held back and be in a class with a bunch of people i dont know and see my old class mates who will probably laugh at me because I'm so stupid and got held back and...gah! Fuck my life! She looked down at her wrist. The scars were newly oppened and red lines stood out against her pale skin.

       "I'm so tired of this!" She slid down the wall to the floor. She brought her knees up to her chest. "Of feeling this way! Why should I fight? What am I living for? A future that I cant stand?" She began sobbing. "Why Michelle? Why cant you love me? I've always been there for you! How come you love them but not me? What do they have that i don't? It's because they are prettier and skinnier than me isn't it!"

       Then she began to whisper over and over again. "I'll never be enough, never, never."
       There was a knock on the door and Melanie walked in. "Hey are you okay?" She walked over to Drew, knelt down and hugged her. "Hey calm down, everything's going to be alright. It's no big deal if we're a little late."
       Drew looked up at Melanie and smiled. "Yeah. You know what, your right."

       Melanie stood and held out her hand to Drew. The girl took her friends hand and they both went downstairs.

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