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Desi Mosier Desi Mosier
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Chapter Four

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Under the Double Star - Chapter One

      When they got down stairs the only person they saw was Drew's cousin, James. He went to a different school. That had gotten called off for a snow day, so him and his mother came over to hang out for the day.
       "Hey, where's the parents?"

       "They're outside talking."

       "Oh, okay." Drew walked into the kitchen and Melanie went to talk to James.

       Melanie always had feelings for James so she always sat close to him and always talked to him every chance she could get. However today it wasn't talking to him for pleasure she was telling him about what she saw when she went to get Drew.

       Drew took a sip from the drink she had just poured. That's when James came in. "Oh, my mom just texted and said she'll take you and Mel to school."

       "Alright, tell her I said thanks."

       He looked down. "I will. Hey,um I hear that you're cutting again." He looked up at Drew and stared into her eyes. Drew and him were very close and he knew she could lie but her eyes couldn't.

       "Did Mel tell you that?"

       He gave Drew a hug. "Don't be mad at Mel just because she's worried... I'm worried too. You know you can always come to me."

       Drew smiled. "Thanks for the concern but there's no need, I'm done."

       James pulled away. "Good I'm glad. You don't need to be hurting yourself anyway."

       "Yeah, yeah, go hang out with Mel. I have to take my pill then i'll be out."

       James smiled  and left the room. Drew placed her drink on the counter. Then reached for the pills on top of the microwave. Only instead of grabbing her depression pills she grabbed her brothers sleeping pills. She hears what sounds like the front door and she shoves the bottle into her pocket just as her aunt walks in.

       "Hey, are you ready to go?"
       "Yeah, just let me use the bathroom." She hurried past her aunt.

       "Alright, well i'll be in the car."

       Drew closed the door and locked it before she pulled the bottle out of her pocket. She quickly twisted off the cap and dumped the pills into her mouth. She took a drink from the sink and swallowed them all. She hid the bottle under the sink and looked at herself in the mirror. "Today's the day, no  more pain." For the first time in a while she felt releaved. She walked out to the living room and opened the front door.

       "Goodbye Drew." James spoke

       Drew pause at the door. "Goodbye James."

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