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"Suddenly the (man) looked (surprised).

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Chapter Five

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Under the Double Star - Chapter One

      The bell rang, it was the end of first period by the time they got there. All their peers filed out of class rooms and into the halls, all eager to talk to their friends. Mel and drew part ways, as two of Drew's friends walk up to her. "Hey Clair, hey Theresa."

       Clair was the first to speak. "Hey Drew, are you going to be in second period today or are you skipping again?"

       Drew had problems and had a past but she chose to hide form it. Her whole ninth grade year was spent skipping class or skipping school. "Skipping, duh. What kind of question is that?"

       "Oh wow Drew, you're so predictable." Theresa smiled at her.

       Drew faked a smile and started to feel a little drowsy. "Yeah I know.You guys should be heading to class. You don't want to be late."

       "And you should get to the bathroom before you get caught." Theresa smiled and started off towards her class with Clair following close behind.

       Drew walked to the bathroom and sat on a toilet. She leaned back and set her head on the wall. She was already getting tired and her body was urging her to sleep. However, she couldn't she had her apologies and notes to write.

       She pulled out a blank paper and a marker. She looked at it for several minutes and then spoke. "I guess this'll have to do. It's better than nothing." She had gotten through three or four goodbye notes before things started getting blurry. She fought to keep her hands steady and her eyes open.

       Finally she couldn't take it anymore. She placed her things on the floor, leaned against the stall, closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.

       It seemed like her eyes had only been closed for a second before she opened them. However she opened them to complete and utter darkness.

       Just then a voice rang through the mist. "My, your early aren't you?"

       Drew turned to see who had spoken. The deep voice belonged to a tall man with black hair that reached slightly past his ears. Despite how dark it was you could see all of his features, he had a slender build with amazing blue eyes. He wore tight black pants and that was all. His lack of clothes showed off all of his amazing physical aspects that Drew tried to ignore for the safety of the pigments in her face.  

       He smiled a brilliant smile at her. "Welcome back." His voice sent shivers down her spine and made her skin tingle. "I didn't expect you so soon, in fact didn't you just leave?"

       Drew stood there staring at the man. She wanted to ask who he was, what he was doing there, and how did he know her? However she couldn't seem to find her words or the voice to speak them. She just sat gawking at the amazingly beautiful man in front of her.

       Suddenly the man looked surprise. He smacked his palm to his forehead. "I'm so sorry, I'm ever here blabbering away totally forgetting that you have never seen me before." Then extended his hand to her. I'm Dimitri, or the darkness, but i prefer Dimitri. 1 comment

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