Warren Gates Warren Gates
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" this hollow so-called life that you're not even living" Brilliant!!

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Esmeralda Di lopez Esmeralda Di lopez
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Chasing rainbows

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She had a friend.

-Well it has been a while..
-What do you mean?
-Since you've looked for me.. Have you forgotten me?
-No. I guess I buried you somewhere inside.. I decided it would be better that way.
-So what caused it?
-What made you change your mind? Why am I here?
-I don't really know...
-Was it that song on the radio the other day?
-What song?
-You know the song. The song that played on the beach the first time we kissed. The song that played when you immediately changed the radio station in your car the other day. Our song.
-No, that wasn't it. I stopped it on time. Stopped you from coming back.
-Was it that girl today at work? She had the same hair like me.
-No, she couldn't possibly remind me of you. She can't even be compared to you.
-Than what was it?
-I think I just missed you.
-How have you been? How's life?
-Life is good...decent.
-Decent? So now you're OK with decent? What happened with chasing rainbows?
-I don't feel like chasing rainbows alone..
-Oh, but you have too. If you don't, who will? You made up that phrase up remember?  
-I don't know. Perhaps I buried that too along with you and the rest of the memories of that time.
-Sure you remember. It was raining all night. And I was supposed to catch that train back home. We've already said our goodbyes and I was on my way when you decided you don't want to let me go. You ran to the train station, but the train was already gone. As you walked home the sun was coming up and when you saw me standing in front of your door a rainbow appeared. From that moment the rainbow become a symbol of happiness for you. And you told me that we should spend our lives together chasing rainbows.
-Yes...but you're gone now..and I let you go..
-If you did let me go I wouldn't be here now..  
-You know why darling. If I go there is nothing left. There is nothing left for you. Without the memories of me, of us, all you have is this hollow so-called life that that you're not even living. That you are just walking through it.  
-Will you stay with me tonight?
-I will. I will be with you until you feel strong enough to start chasing those
rainbows again. 1 comment

And so the man went to sleep with the woman. Just like he did 15 years ago and just like he does on many cruel nights in his life. But one day he got up and he set her free. Her ghost, her memories...And he started chasing rainbows again.

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