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Desi Mosier Desi Mosier
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soul mates

Hide under your bed.
Hide from the sun.
Hide from the monsters they have become.
Hide from the truth you have denied.
Hide from the people that sold you the lies.

Hide from the pain.
Hide from the fear.
Hide from those that you hold dear.
Hide from the friends you entrusted your life,
they're the ones holding the knife.

The knife in your back,
the knife in your heart,
you've given them the knowledge to tear you apart.
Now you're down, as low as can be,
an open book for all to see.

Cling to the shadows.
Cling to the dark.
Cling to the things that set you apart.
If you want to trust, know it's always abused.
If you want to trust, first consider what you have to lose.

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