Don Yarber Don Yarber
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The reasons our eyes do more "than" look, they see. Maybe you could find another word for "reasons" ?? Four times in four lines is a little superfluous. Perhaps "That is why we breathe not just air, but life; perhaps our eyes do more than look, they see. Here flow the reasons that we love. To understand, we peer into someones eyes, And see more than flesh, bone, and blood." ??

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Chris Costanza Chris Costanza
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Our Ocean Flows

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soul mates

There’s a method to our madness,
our perfect insanity.  
As we tumble and turn, as we laugh and we shout,
Even as we scream and we cry,
as we stumble and writhe,
Our sublime madness tells us why.  

When we sit and stare into the stars,
searching them, kindly requesting all their deepest secrets,
There inside us stirs the mysteries.  
In boisterous gusts and streams,
there flows the reasons we breathe not just air, but life;
The reasons our eyes do more then look, they see.  
Here flows the reasons that we love.  
Here are the reasons we can peer into someones eyes,
And see more than flesh, bone, and blood.  
Here the mysteries await,
Here flows the reasons that we live.   1 comment

Our bodies are small.  
Each of us is a microscopic grain of salt,
Floating in a wonderfully blue and infinite ocean.
Sometimes it is calm, sometimes turbulent,
but always warmed by the sun,
And always flowing.    

Even as Fire and Lightning rain down on us,
and some salt is burned,
We remain floating, forever flowing.  
For the salt in our tears replaces the salt which we are mourning.  

So as the Fire draws closer,
As your Earth shakes,
and your salt begins to lose its flavor,
Simply trust the madness,
feel the warmth of the eternal Sun,
Place yourself among the stars,
and remember that we are always
flowing, flowing, flowing.

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