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Desi Mosier Desi Mosier
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Betrayed: Chapter 7

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

      Two solid knocks came from the door. I didnt take my eyes off the food I had been making since Kieth left. Jezebell quickly got up and opened the door. "Hey! I was begining to wonder if you were coming at all." Jezebell smiled as she led Kieth into the room. "Where's your brother?"

       Keith turned around to see an open door and nothing else. He sighed. "Nate will you just get in here?"

       An average height brunette boy walked into the room. I looked up now to see what his brother looked like. He was a couple years older than his brother, I would guess him to be eighteen. He might have been older but he had a younger, more innocent presence.

       "This is my older brother Nathan, or Nate. he'll go by either. He'a a bit shy but when he warms up to people he gets better." The meek boy looked up from behind his bangs and locks eyes with me instantly. He quickly glanced at Tyler, then his brother, and smiled. he didn't even seen to notice Jezebell.

       "Alright, let me do the introductions." I walked over to the boy, held my hand out and awaited the hand shake. Instead he grabbed my hand and pulled me into a hug. I must have had a surprised look on my face because Keith laughed.

       "I'm sorry, I for got to tell you he really likes hugs. He precieves them as more friendly. It means he likes you. I didn't say anything because I didnt think he would warm up to any of you this quickly. Normally it takes him months." Keith was still smiling when he looked at me.

       I pulled away from the hug. "Well, it's nice to meet you Nathan, my name is Rose, and this is my brother Tyler." Nathan walked over to tyler, looked at him for a little bit then hugged him too. "And this is Bell." He looked at her, hesitated, then hugged her ever so slightly but he seemed a little perturbed. It looked like he wasnt so sure about her. When he was done he returned to his brothers side. "Well now that you've met everyone, would you like to meet your dinner?"

       Nathan smiled and Keith spoke for him. "Yeah we would, whatever it is it smells great!" I led them to the table, and everyone took their seats. Keith Sat between Jezebell and I, and Nathan sat on my other side. Tyler said he was going to have a lady friend over and would just eat upstairs.

       Things started out pretty awkward, it didnt help that Jezebell was undressing Keith with her eyes. Did I care? Hell yeah! Did i deserve it? Yes, I did. I wasn;t in the wrong when I slept with Sam, but I still felt bad, and she still held it over my head. So the least I could do was swallow my pride and let her.

       Besides I wasn't that worried, because frankly he wasn't paying any attention to her. Neither of the boys had really noticed her the whole time they were there.They were both too busy complimenting me on my food. I tried to say it was nothing special, Just chicken, some alfredo noodles, and a few things added for taste. However the boy's wouldn't hear any of it. Apparently it was the best home cooked meal they had had in a while.

       And before you know it the dinner was over. Everyone was sitting at the table conversing about random things. Jezebell is more girly than I am, so she really didnt have anything to talk about that the boys would have found all that interesting. I however was very good at keeping conversation with them. I think it annoyed her since she is the pretty one and used to getting all the attention, but if she wanted to undress Keith with her eyes then she could deal with me talking to him.

       "So do you guys want dessert?" I looked around the table, Nathan and Keith smiled and Jezebell just stared at Keith like she hadnt even heard me.

       "I really think we should be going home now, but thank you ." Keith stood and placed his hand on his brothers shoulder.

       Nathan looked up at his brother pleadingly. "Please can we stay, just for dessert?"

       Keith didnt sit, he didnt speak, he just stared at his brother astounded. "Um. sure Nate. You know I'll give you anything you want."

       Nathan smiled up at his brother then back at me. It was beautiful, stunning, I've never seen such an amazing smile in my life. "So whats for desert?"

       He spoke for the first time today, and from his brother's expression I got the feeling he didn't do it a lot.

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