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Pheobe Myers Pheobe Myers
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soul mates

How do you describe pain? I was asked this one day by a hurting friend. I thought about the question and what philosophies it was arising. Wether it be physical, mental, psychological, or emotional pain I could only think of one word. Blue.  Most think of this simple word as a color or a sad emotion but to me it is so much deeper than that. Inside our bodies courses this life sustaining liquid we call blood. What some dont realize is that blood is not red. It only turns red when oxygen touches it. When it is inside it is blue. Pain is the truest color of blue. It is in us and sustains us. We can't thrive without the blue. The ocean and skies are so many brilliant shades of this color. Jus as pain can feel lik a overwhelming ocean dragging you farther to sea it is blue. Pain can feel up in the clouds whisping away and fading into air becoming nothingness in the cold breeze. It is blue. Blue is more hurtful and disastrous than anything in our existence. At night that question haunts me. Tantalizing my mind with obscure thoughts and fading memories. How do you describe pain? Blue. Blue like my blood. Blue like my eyes. Blue like the ocean and blue like the skies. Every lash of pain and ever hurtful thought it was always blue. I have become a artist. I paint with the blue of my heart. I see the artwork of other's blue and it breaks my soul. The strokes of their brush are crisp and clear. As mine are jagged and rough. Blue was my color. Blue is what I am. I am pain. I am the artist. I am the admirer. Blue save me. Blue is what makes me feel alive. Blue is everything our tiny human minds can process but not express. Become blue with me. We are all fading into this world of black and white. Some live in the shades of gray but I see those few with blue in their veins. Let me be free to travel these blue skies. Let me be free to explore the ocean wide. Let me be free to speak to blue ghosts that hide. Lets be blue tonight.

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