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Desi Mosier Desi Mosier
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Under the Double Star - Chapter One

      It was midnight, the best time to be out in my opinion. The bars were still open, and there weren't many people on the streets. If you came out just at the right time it would look like a ghost town.

       The music was loud in the French Maiden. Girls walked by with drinks in their hands. I'd hate to have this job, it's so degrading. A petite blonde waitress walked up to the table. I had decided this table would be the best place to be alone. Apparently I was wrong because in her hand were two drinks.

       In a southern accent she addressed me. "here's ya orda."

       I smiled politely. "You must be mistaken, I didn't order anything."

       "Oh no, this is from the boys at table eight." She smiled at me sweetly. "Enjoy!"

       I glared at the drinks as she walked away. I hadn't wanted to be noticed but I guess walking through a room full of drunk guys, Someones going to. I know it's just an invitation and if I drank one of these then someone would come over expecting to take me home. However I see no reason I can't order my own drink. I looked up to see the blonde with a tray of five drinks this time.

       Again she smiled. "Table ten this time, miss."

       "Thank you." She turned to go. "Oh, one more thing. I would like to order a drink."

       She turned and looked at me surprised, then smiled. "Well sure ya can. What'll it be?"

       I looked to the fruity drinks then to her. I never liked fruity drinks very much, I was more of a creamy kind of girl. That and straight liquor was fine, but all these little pansy pussy drinks make me sick. "I'll take the smoothest white russian you guys can make."

       "Alright, ya orda will be out inna few. Is there anythin else I can getcha?"

       I looked to the guys at tables eight and ten then decided. "I'll take some bar-b-que wings, extra sauce."

       She looked at the men then understood. "I'll get back as fast as I can." She smiled and ran to the counter.

       I glanced at the two men at table eight. The tall, skinny, and obviously drunk man winked at me and I scooted over knocking the drinks to the ground. I looked up and glared at them. Angrily they both turned around to face away from me. Blondie came back with my drink and wings. "Here's ya orda miss, compliments of the bartender, and a note from him too!" She smiled and went back to work.

       I opened the napkin note that read, "I figured you should have at least one drink that you can actually drink. Don't worry it's on the house." I smiled and closed the note I looked up at him and nodded appreciatively. He only smiled in return.

       I then began to make a total disgusting slob of myself. It was gross and messy, but it was the only thing I could think of that would make all the men in this bar keep their money and their drinks to themselves. I had just gotten most of the sauce on my face when a boy in a black suit walked up to me. I know him from somewhere but I couldn't remember. He sat down in front of me. I stared at him then it came to me. "You're my sisters boyfriend! How did you get in here? Is Paige here? Oh, she's so dead!

       "Calm down, and for pete's sake use this, you look horrible." He held out a wet wipe.

       I slowly took it and wiped my face. "So why are you here if paige isn't?"

       "I'm not attached to her hip you know, I came to give you this." He handed me a glass of Scotch "You look like you need it."

       I looked at him surprised. "How did you get this?"

       "My family owns this bar, so I get whatever I want. Plus I also told uncle Leo it's for you anyway." The boy pointed to the bartender who gave me a drink earlier. "Oh, yeah he told me to tell you that you can spill all those shitty drinks on the floor if you want to." I took the glass of Scotch and downed it I just wanted to leave as soon as possible. "Are you ready to go?"

       I looked at him surprised. "What are you talking about?"

       "What? You think I'm just going to let you drive drunk?"


       "Ha! And endanger us all? not likely. We are taking my car,  I don't care if you want to of not.

       He cut me off. "Plus those guys won't bother you when you leave if you leave with me. They are regulars and know I'm the owners son. Trust me they wont even talk to you."

       "Alright, lets go." I grabbed my purse and swung it over the table I knocked all of the drinks on the floor, and smile at uncle Leo.

       "Wait, miss!"

       It was Blondie again with another drink in her hand. "Who this time?"

       "Table eight again. The tall one." I glared at him.

       "Cant you see we're leaving Cally? She doesn't want that idiots drinks!"

       She looked upset. "I'm sorry, I just-"

       I smiled, "You know, on second thought I will take that drink." I took the cup and walked over to the boys at table eight. "Hey sweetie, guess what I learned tonight."

       The boys smiled. "What's that?"

       "That you two are very naughty and need to be taught a lesson." I winked. "Don't you agree?"

        They smiled to each other. "And what kind of lesson did you have in mind?"

       I cocked my head and dumped the drink in his lap and threw the glass at his friend, then leaned in close. "So what did we learn tonight boys?" They stared up at me dumbfounded and speechless. "Oh, nothing? What a shame." The whole bar broke out into claps and cheers. I took a bow and walked through the doors.

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