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Jason Tryhard Jason Tryhard
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This is Fantasy

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This is a series of short stories I would like to write

This is the world built on the ashes of the past. Like the great phoenix it emerged from the destruction of itself. five thousand years ago the ancient human race waged a war it could not win. In the end not a single living thing survived. The world was laid to waste for thousands of years. But seven hundred years ago the world began to redeem itself from its former inhabitant's. Life once again began to grow much faster and stronger than any before. Many creatures sprung to life on all corners of the world. Earth was forever stained with radioactive waste but this new life thrived on it. In seven hundred years four kingdoms arose to take control of the new world. These four kingdoms were built of the elements.

Incendium, the kingdom of fire. It is ruled by the blood line of phoenix, the greatest warriors of all the lands are trained within the Incendium academy. They take great pride in their brute strength and for the last hundred years have been ruled by queens for there has only been one male phoenix to take the crown and no others were born since.

Aer, the kingdom of air. Here all great scholars and masters of magic reside. Aer is said to be the oldest of the four kingdoms and once ruled all the lands before the great War of Two.
They are in the center of all other kingdoms with their prized city made of complete pearl, the center of all trade throughout the lands. here they also train wild and mystic animals from the Chimera, to the Unicorn all animals of the world of light can be found here. They are also the most peaceful of the kingdoms where they seek knowledge above all.

Terra, this is the only kingdom to embrace the old ways of the human race. They have mastered the engineering of steel and built sky scrapers and monuments to boast in their glory. Their weapons are projectile and their militant strength is as equal to those of Incendium thanks to their mechanical inventions known as Mechximus. Giant weapons of destruction those of Terra consider themselves superior to the warriors of Incendium due to their technology.

The final Kingdom of water is known as Unda, which is the largest of the four kingdoms and the most dangerous. Before the fall of man the world used to spin but after their demise it soon stopped. Some say it was the earth grieving the loss of its first inhabitant's. But for thousands of years half the planet was forever placed in darkness. This did not stop life from growing, but it was what those of light would consider savage. Creatures that thrived in darkness called the nightmarish lands home. Vampires, werewolves, demons, and the dead could be found here. The darkest and only sole place of evil the kingdom of water was also the vocal point of an ancient prophecy. The King would one day rise from the grave of his fallen people and finish what he started five thousand years ago and destroy the world.

This place of kingdoms has a many heroes and villains who populate the lands. So many wonders and evils thrive from the darkest of corners and the brightest of lights. Where Yin and Yang are one and worlds collide. This is what has become of earth and these are the tales of Fantasy.

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