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Desi Mosier Desi Mosier
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Chapter eight

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       "Yes my love?" His voice was as sweet as ever.

       "I have a question." She was a little hesitant to ask and you could hear it in her voice.

       "Alright, out with it then."

       "Um, why haven't you asked me to stay yet?"

       He looked surprised. "Well I've asked you so many times before and the answer was always no. So I just assumed..."

       Drew smiled. "Well you shouldn't assume things, Ask me again."

       Dimitri smiled at Drew. "Alright. Drew will you please stay with me? I would really enjoy it."

       Just then a loud crash of lightning sparked in the dark. "Drew! What do you think you're doing?"

       A shocked look played across her face. "Wha- what are you doing here?"

       "Saving you!"

       It was evident by her change in facial expressions that this pissed her off. "Saving me? Well who the hell asked you to do that? Huh? Who says I want to be saved! if anything he's saving me from life, from heart ache, from pain, from you!

       "Drew, you don't know what you're saying! Take my hand." He held out a hand to the girl. "Return with me, please."

       "No! I wont! There's nothing in your world for me anymore."

       "Please Drew, come with me."

       She turned to the silent man standing beside her. "Dimitri?"

       He looked down at her. "Make your choice my dear. I would understand if you went with him. I'll always be here when you close you're eyes.'

       Then there was a hand on her shoulder. "Drew, he's lying. He will care he's just trying to get you to pick him. He want's you to die."

       Drew smacked away his hand. "Oh really, because he's been more honest with me than you have! He just wants what's best for me! He doesn't want to put me through the pain f living, and you do! You want me to just 'push through', but what if I can't? I can't! I can't live life! There's no reason to!"

       "Drew, you know I care. You know I do, and death is not what's best for you. Do you realise how many people he's manipulated the exact same way he's manipulating you? You can't trust him Drew."

       "Stop! Just stpo talking, it's not getting you anywhere, I don't believe you! You've seen the pain i've been through but he's always been the on to be there for me and hold me! The people he's 'manipulated' were damaged just like me! He saved them!"

       "Drew! Remember what I said earlier!"

       Finally Dimitri spoke up. "Vincent, just shut up and let the girl make her choice. It is her's after all."

       "You Shut your mouth! You're opinion doesn't matter you vile manipulative little snake!"

       "Ha! I'm the snake, and yet you're the one spitting venom? I think you need to reassess your opinion."

       "Stop!" Drew walked over to vincent. "look i've made my decision. I'm going to stay, and it doesn't matter what you do or say."

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