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Jason Tryhard Jason Tryhard
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A Tale of Fantasy: Prell of the Plains of Dawn.

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She had a friend.

      Near the Unda border as the plains of Aer meet the darkness where the evil peers in to the light, where all would be calm other than the constant feeling of predatory gaze coming from the the borders ofUnda. There as it often does rain ran down from the heavens in an almost flood like fashion as it quickly becomes absorbed by the Plains of Dawn. Here in this dead border a single soul stands atop a bolder looking down in depression as the rain soaks his torn black cloak. He is Prell the guardian of Dawn, he was once a great warrior who sacrificed his life for the innocent to escape the clutches of darkness. For his glory the Masters of Magic resurrected his soul to forever guard the Plains of Dawn from any and all evil who dare cross in to the light. This post he gladly excepted yet so many years have come and gone and he still remains forever stuck in time alone on the Plains of Dawn.
       But as all seemed the norm with constant rain and the lonely feeling of a useless warrior. As all would be of silence Prell quickly lifted his head and peered towards the darkness. Just outside the light within the Unda forest someone was running for their life.
Prell looked deep in the darkness and there he saw a boy with a pack of wolves quickly approached the light. It seemed as if the boy was of light but the wolves were not chasing him, they were protecting him. Demon spirits known as Absence were fast on their trail. The beasts quickly huddled together as they all came to a stop. The Alpha wolf looked towards the boy and howled, the boy who had also came to A stop once again begun to run at the sound at the Alphas howl. The Forest was dark and cluttered with dead growth, so much so that the light itself was blocked by the endless growth. How this boy knew where he was going in almost complete darkness was a mystery but it did not seem his wolf companions lasted long. The cries and howls of wolves in slaughter filled the air as the whistling of Absence grew closer.        
       Prell who stood there atop the bolder simply watched as they closed in on him, so many young lives both light and dark have been taken by the Unda, this was nothing new for the Guardian. But something within him knew that this boy had to be saved. Something forced his hand, Prell frowning as always and almost completely without emotion grasped his sword that laid at his hip and with one foot thrust himself high in to the air, so high that he slowed as he broke the clouds that poured the rain. In that instant he felt the warmth of the sun pour down upon his drenched body. He closed his eyes in that exact moment and took a deep breath holding the moment close before descending to Earth.  He descended head first as he threw his blade as if it were a spear directly down.
       On the ground this poor boy beyond exhausted looked forward as the light was in sight, yet his ears were filled with the constant whistling of absence as they surly had caught up with him. Knowing that he may not make it he reached forward to get as close to the light as he could. With tears in his eyes he reached forward as he clenched his chest which seemed to be injured, the skin on an open wound was slowly rotting as the absence leave disease where they strike. Swiftly as he struggled to increase speed a dark shadow flew in his path as a snake like cloud blocked his way. It was the true form of an absence, completely black with only a shadow for a body yet it needed no more to devour his sole. It quickly grew to a size big enough to engulf his body and playfully it began to surround him, preparing to devour him before the others arrived. The boy quickly closed his yes feeling as if this would be the end. Yet before it could touch the hair on his flesh the blade of Prell fell in between the Demonic spirit. From the blade a great line shined brightening the darkness as Prells scratchy yet judgmental voice screamed across the darkness and light alike.

Prell: I am Prell of the Plains of Dawn! you dark bringers dare enter my realm in search of blood! Where my eyes meet is where my realm is marked and here you have forced my hand!

       The whistling of Absence was soon flooded out with whimpers of pain as the Absence felt the burn of light, all fled returning to the darkness of Unda but as the single absence who cut offr the boy floated at break neck speed in to the darkness in an instant it came to a stop as out of the light Prell's hand reached and grasped the Demonic spirit.

Absence: Release me! Pleeaasseee, the pain of light is suffering!!!!!!

       It screeched for mercy as Prell simply looked at it screaming for its sole to be spared. Prell's cold dark eyes saw no sympathy for years of defending the borders have left his honorable soul cold.

Prell: not you...Those who enter my realm must pay with A Sole.

       With those words spoken he thrust the hand that grasped the beast forward piercing its center as light began to expand from within the darkness of the creature. In moments its screams of pain came to an end as the light blinded all, when it diminished all that remained in his hand was a black seed. Prell reached for his belt and opened a small pouch that laid at his side full of similar seeds and he placed it within before turning to the now unconscious boy. He picked the boy up off the wet ground and saw as many small insects scattered from underneath him.

Prell: I do not know who you are, but the Masters of Magic would know what to do with you...

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