Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
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I love the lines "Try to see his darkness...Before you see his light." Such wise words.

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Clare Martin Clare Martin
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Necessary Precautions

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soul mates

Based on some things me and my mother have been discussing recently, regarding love and settling down and the necessary precautions I'll have to consider.

Let me be your blanket.
I'll hold you in my arms
And protect you.
I'll shield you from the night
And watch over you
As you sleep, unafraid
And peacefully now.
No ghosts will haunt you.
Let me sing you a lullaby
If you wake in tears.

Your father did love you
But he couldn't stay.
He didn't know how to
React in your hysteria.
He only added fire to it.
He loved you for a time
But grew to hate his creations.
Your brothers and you
All stood witness to his power
And that 'power' is gone.

But I am your mother, child.
You belong with me.
I track your tiny footsteps
Whenever you try to hide!
You spill all your secrets
And I take them as they come.
Peer pressure is increasing
But I can't see you making
My mistakes. So please,
Before it's too late to go back...

Try to find his dark side
And see how dark it is.
Because your children
Will suffer under him
As you have your own father.
I don't want my grandchildren to
Grow up with dark circles
And misted, distant eyes
So far away from even
The river it appears to be...

Try and find his habits
Before he forces them on you.
Does he forget where he is?
Does he forget who you are?
Does he get angry
For no particular reason?
Say he wants nothing to do
With you or your intentions?
Has he ever said 'I love you'?
If not...does he truly?

Try and see his darkness
Before you see his light.
Just how low can he sink?
How far can he fall?
Who does he fall on?
How does he react to pressure?
Does he sleep it off?
Or does he spend the night
Poisoning himself to fury
And taking it out on you?

Try and see his darkness
Before you settle down.
Think about the children
That you're creating.
I want them to be happy.
I want to see them smile.
I don't want them to flinch,
As you always did, at the
Sight of bad old Daddy.
Try to see his darkness...

Before you see his light. 1 comment

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